Harry Potter Pornography Story: Fleur and harry part Two

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Fleur and harry part Two

A year after their first encounter, Fleur came back to visit Harry and everyone else with her family. They decided to all stay at the Burrow because it was large enough to hold everyone. The first night together, Fleur decided to surprise Harry and they had sex the whole night, trying their hardest not to wake everyone up. After they finished they laid in their bed completely naked with Harry’s softening cock still in Fleur’s tight snatch. Harry wrapped his arms around Fleur and he felt her perfect tits which made him hard again. Fleur smiled and started to jerk him off. Harry then started stuffing his fingers into her pussy, making her grind on his hand. Before long they both came and finally got to sleep. 

The next night Fleur went over to her friend’s house and Harry was left alone to himself with the Weasleys and the rest of Fleur’s family, including her younger sister. That night Harry realized that Gabrielle, Fleur’ younger sister, was just as beautiful as her older sister. Gabrielle had a nicely filled out chest and an ass that was more enticing then Fleur’s. Harry decided to go to bed a bit early and went to his bed alone. Later on in the middle of the night he heard the door open and he quickly jumped from the bed looking to see who it was. Gabrielle was in the doorway with only a long t-shirt and underwear which immediately forced on an erection from Harry. Gabrielle explained that she was scared and asked if she could sleep with Harry. Harry, still trying to hide his hard on said sure and Gabrielle climbed into the small bed with him.

Harry could tell Gabrielle had no bra to contain her lovely boobs and he almost came in his pants whenever she took off the shirt, leaving on only her panties. Gabby got in the bed and made herself comfortable next to Harry. At first they were facing each other then Gabby suddenly turned over revealing her perfect ass in tight underwear to Harry. Harry stared at it for awhile and admired her nearly perfect body. All of a sudden Gabby squirmed and moved around so that she was grinding on Harry’s extremely hard dick. She stopped moving her body but Harry saw her move both her hands downward. With one hand she reached and grasped Harry’s cock and squeezed it, surprising Harry so much and giving him such a great feeling that he came all over her hand. Harry then realized that she was furiously fingering herself and she started to buck and squirm as she made herself orgasm. Harry got hard again as Gabby continued to grind her ass on his cock until she finally finished her massive orgasm. Gabrielle then turned over, grabbed his dick again and gently rubbed his length. Harry grabbed her tits and began to rub them together making Gabby moan. Harry also started to move his hand down her underwear and rubbed her wet pussy causing her to cry out in pleasure. “OHHH SHIT!!!” Harry continued to finger her and she came again for the second time. By then Harry longed to fuck her and flipped her over to see her perfect ass. Gabby pulled down her panties and Harry immediately began to rub his dick over her pussy making her moan again. Gabby tempting ass bucked back and Harry decided to take her then, plunging his full length into her virgin pussy. “FUCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!” Feeling Harry inside her made Gabby orgasm once again. Harry continued to pound her with his balls smacking her ass. He could feel her pussy squeezing him even harder then Fleur’s did and he soon came to the edge. “IM GONNA CUM!!!!” Gabby was about to reach her breaking point as well and she screamed with him “FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY!!! UNNHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Harry began to orgasm just as Gabby did and their fluids mixed together and flowed out of Gabby’s pussy. 

They both fell asleep in the same position and in the morning they woke up covered in their juices. Gabby woke Harry up by stroking his cock quickly getting it to full length. Gabby smiled at Harry and moved her head down to his dick. She licked the tip and started to give Harry the best blowjob of his life. Gabby fingered herself while taking Harry all the way into her mouth and as Harry began to fuck her throat she came followed quickly by him. After this Gabby got out of the bed and put her underwear and shirt on. As she left she showed him her ass, once again leaving Harry hard.

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