Harry Potter Pornography Story: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Harry Potter Pornography Story: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Things had gone awfully wrong. In an effort to improve Ron’s Quidditch and possibly mend his relationship with Hermione, Harry pretend to have slipped Ron some Felix Felicis, before the match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Feeling lucky, Ron went on to save everything the Slytherin chasers threw at him, and Gryffindor hammered Slytherin. However, after the match, Harry’s clever plan blew up in his face. Ron accused Hermione of not having faith in his Quidditch abilities, because she thought he really had taken lucky potion. Enraged by the fact that Ginny told him that Hermione once kissed Viktor Krum, Ron kissed Lavnder Brown at the victory party, hurting Hermione’s feelings even more.


Now Harry was sitting outside Gryffindor Tower with an arm wrapped around Hermione, trying to comfort her. The music and loud noises from the common room could be vaguely heard. Hermione was crying and Harry didn’t knew what to do. The situation even worsened when Ron and Lavender came out of the Tower. It ended with Hermione chasing Ron away with magical birds. Ron and Hermione had been fighting before but now things seemed to be permanently broken

“Care for a walk?” Hermione looked up and swept her tears away with her arm. Harry thought it would better than sitting here all night and nodded. They walked from Gryffindor Tower through the hallways of the castle. Harry didn’t had his Cloak of Invisibility nor the Marauder’s Map but somehow they managed to avoid most of the patrolling teachers.

They came along a long hallway and Harry and Hermione stopped at a balcony to watch the sky. It was a full moon and her light guarded the ones who roamed the night.

“What do you think he sees in her?,” Hermione asked quietly. Harry needed a moment to realize what question Hermione asked him. He knew she wanted the truth but he didn’t wanted to hurt even more. “Harry?,” she asked again.

“Ron doesn’t love her, Hermione. I think it’s something new for him that he wants to explore. A kind of fling. But I do not think he loves her.”

“Is it something personally towards me?”

“Yes,” said Harry according to truth.

“But why?,” Hermione asked. Another tear rolled over her cheek.

Harry knew but didn’t want to tell it. The new situation was difficult enough without him explaining that Ron was hurt about Hermione kissing Viktor Krum, although that fact had happened so long ago. Harry knew Ron wanted Hermione to feel that same pain.

All of Harry’s thinking led him to bring up his secret feelings about Ginny. He became as depressed as Hermione. “Love could wreck the best friendships,” Harry thought. Maybe that’s why Dumbledore regarded it as the most powerful magic in the world.

“It hurts so much, Harry,” Hermione cried. He took her into his arms.

I wished there was a potion or spell to cope with the pain of a broken heart.” Suddenly, Harry realized he and Hermione were on the seventh floor. A few meters away was the Room of Requirement. It could provide them with anything they needed. “Wait here,” he said.

The way to open the room was to walk past it three times thinking about what you need, and the door would appear. “We need something to deal with broken hearts, we need something to deal with broken hearts, we need something to deal with broken hearts,” Harry said in his head.

The hidden entrance, opposite to the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy, appeared and Harry guided Hermione inside. The room had transformed into a pub. There wars bars against all the walls and everywhere Harry looked where alcoholic drinks. He saw bottles with Ogden’s Old Firewhiskey, regular Firewhiskey, Simison Steaming Stout, Dungbarrel Spiced Mead and various other drinks that Harry didn’t recognize.

“Harry, what did you wished for?,” Hermione asked. She watched with growing interest at the new interior of the Room. It made her forget Ron for a while.

Harry walked to one of the bars and grabbed two big glasses. He opened a bottle of Ogden’s Old Firewhiskey and poured the brown liquor in the glasses.

“Drink up, it will help you forget,” he said to Hermione while he passed her the full glass. She looked at him and into the glass and hesitated. But then she reminded herself of Ron. “Why not,” she whispered and drank until the glass was empty. She coughed and slapped her hand on the bar. “That’s strong stuff,’ she said with a weak voice. Her eyes turned red and some tears who had nothing to do with Ron rolled over her cheeks.

Harry smiled and drank his own glass empty. The whiskey ran down his throat and Harry almost coughed his lungs out. Just like with Hermione, tears appeared in Harry’s eyes.

They began to open all kind of bottles and drank entire glasses of the various liquors. Harry began to feel dizzy but he nor Hermione stopped with drinking. Hermione left her seat and started wondering in the chamber. Harry heard some loud music beginning to play when she found a record player. He didn’t know what kind of music it was but it showed signs of Irish jig and rock and roll. It was the kind of music to drink by.

“So, Harry,” Hermione said while she joined him again in drinking, “who are you trying to forget?” Harry just smiled and kept drinking. After empting his glass, he refilled it.

“Harry, are you thinking about Ginny?,’ Hermione asked.

Harry looked in her eyes and took another sip. “You’re as clever as always, Hermione.”

Hermione didn’t know of that was as an compliment of insult. Harry was in the same mood as her and she wanted to know why. His reaction said everything.

“Why her? She didn’t interested you, before. So why now?,” she asked, always wanting an answer or solution to a question.

Harry decided that since Hermione now was hostile towards Ron, he could afford telling her about his feelings for Ron’s sister.

He told her everything. How he saw Ginny in another light than before. How he gradually discovered her as pretty much the ideal girl for him. She was tough, not in an unpleasant way, but gutsy. Harry felt he needed to be with someone who could stand the demands of being with someone likehim, because he was a marked man. Ginny was funny and very warm and compassionate. “Only now, I see her like an equal,” Harry thought. He even told Hermione about his encounter with Mrs. Weasley. Hermione pulled up an eyebrow when she heard he had sex with Ginny’s mother but didn’t say anything. Either she was to drunk to realize or she didn’t saw it as a big thing. For the rest of the time, Hermione listened carefully to his problems. She nodded when asked for opinion and tried to comfort him like he had done with her. “Aren’t we pathetic?,” she said after a while.

“Yes, we are,” Harry answered. They began drinking again.

When the record player began playing a new song, Hermione stood up and took Harry’s hand. “Come on, let’s dance.”


“Because I’m drunk, Harry Potter. I’m drunk, mad at Ron and want to dance, isn’t that allowed?,” she asked bad-tempered. Harry hadn’t heard her talk like that in a while and he knew a mad Hermione was a Hermione to fear. He stood up and followed her to the open floor between the bars. They took each others hands and moved slowly through the Room.

Hermione leaned with her head against Harry’s shoulder. She wasn’t crying but Harry could tell she was still sad. “It isn’t your fault,” he whispered softly.

“I know but it still hurts,” she sobbed. Harry kissed her forehead in a reflex.

Before he could react Hermione kissed him back, but these time on the lips. Harry shivered when he felt the softness of her lips. Without thinking he kissed her back, pressing his mouth on hers. His felt his penis react to Hermione’s immediate presence. Their arms wrapped around each other and Harry felt Hermione’s hands go under the back of his Quidditch shirt. When her fingers touched his skin, Harry became very suddenly very aware of what was happening.

He took Hermione’s arms and took them of his body. “Hermione, stop. This is wrong.”

She looked at him more angry than he had ever seen here. “For once, Harry Potter, I don’t care what is right or wrong. I want it and I could feel that down there, you want it to.” She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his shoulders. Harry couldn’t believe what was happening. “Ron, what have you done to her?,” he thought. “Hermione, what about Ginny… ?,” he asked, protesting for the last time.

“She’s with Dean, Harry. She doesn’t care what you are doing,” Hermione said. Harry recognized this for true. He decided what he wanted the most was Ginny but she wasn’t with him, he had to be satisfied with Hermione. “That isn’t fair to Hermione,” his morale voice said. But Harry knew he was to drunk to feel guilty.


“We need a bed,” Harry said. He began thinking “We need something to sleep on, we need something to sleep on, we need something to sleep on.” After a few seconds a big bed began to materialize in the middle of the Room. Harry guided Hermione to bed. They lay down next to each other, kicking their shoes out and breathing heavily in the foresight of what was about to happen. Harry understood without asking that Hermione had imagined her first time more romantically. “We need a romantic place, we need a romantic place, we need a romantic place,” he thought. Followed by “I wish no one could enter when we are in the room, I wish no one could enter when we are in the room, I wish no one could enter when we are in the room.” The Room of Requirement obeyed his wishes and transformed from a bar into a beautiful garden. There green bushes and trees everywhere. Butterflies flew around and spread the aromatic fragrance of exotic flowers. The same natural fragrance Hermione possessed, Harry realized. The only sound in this garden of Eden was their breaths and the falling water of a little cascade.

Hermione looked at the garden and turned to Harry. 

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