Harry Potter Pornography Story: Luna luvs a thestrle

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Luna luvs a thestrle

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own any of the characters in this story, they are the property of jk rowling.

(not 100% on spelling)

Luna looked around anxiously, her airy prescence making sure noone was around. When she saw that the coast was clear she moved into the seemingly empty clearing, although luna was able to see the thestrles. She looked at the strange creatures before her with a sense of friendship and wanting in her eyes.

Luna moved towards the lead thestrele and climbed under it. the thestrele continued on without paying much attention. With expert knowledge luna pulled the thestreles long 12 inch dick out of the fake bone in its pelvis, she immediatly begun sucking the whole thing, forcing the entirity of it down her throat easily. While she was giving the thestrele a blowjob she began to put her hand in her panties and finger herself till she was dripping wet. She then took all of the juices that had begun to build up in her hand just as the thestrele shot its load down her throat.

Luna pulled her panties and skirt off and lubed up her asshole with her own cum, then savagley sliding herĀ cunt along the the thestreles dick. She began to build a steady rythym with the fast pace fucking of her animal lover, having three orgasms in a short amount of time. When the thestrele finna;y came again she hit her 5th and final orgasm, taking all of its cum inot her ass. She then laid with her ass hangingĀ  in the air, the female thestreles moving over and taking turns shoving their tongues in her asshole.

Luna just got her clothes back on and grabbed a piece of meat for the thestrele when she heard someone coming.

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