Harry Potter Pornography Story: Legacy – Chapter Four

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Legacy – Chapter Four

Gryffindor House of 1976 was far better than the one Ronald Weasley had ever known; not only were the common room and dormitories bigger, better and filled with more alcohol than he had ever seen, the benefits of a far more liberal atmosphere, meant many opportunities for him to score. On his first day, Ron had already gotten his cock sucked by one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen, and if the look in Lily Evans’s eyes meant anything, there would be far more to come. Ginny and Luna had also been enjoying themselves, and although they hadn’t done anything to compare with Ron’s experiences thus far, ideas continued to filter through their minds as more and more handsome boys made passes at them at almost every opportunity. Luna had caught Sirius Black constantly staring at her juicy little heart-shaped ass on a number of occasions, but instead of getting angry with the obviously infatuated wizard, Luna had toyed with him by pulling her red and gold thong up past the waist line of her skirt. Ginny had caught the eye of almost every boy in Gryffindor and the other houses for her likeness to the other gorgeous redhead in her House, but she had noticed the eyes of James Potter glued on her outstanding ass and small pert breasts on several occasions as well.

“Is it me or are there a lot of Perverted Pixies floating around?” Luna asked Ginny as the traipsed up to the fifth year Gryffindor girls’ bedroom. Both Ginny and Luna were sleepy and ready for bed after a long and eventful first day at Hogwarts. Both girls had enjoyed the extra attention they had been given by the boys of Hogwarts for their school uniforms which did well to show off their shapely teenage bodies.

“I don’t know about any pixies, but if you mean all those looks Sirius and James have been giving us, I definitely agree.” Ginny laughed, getting a kick out of Loony Lovegood and her quirky personality. Ginny had always been friendly with the Ravenclaw oddity, and although even Ginny usually couldn’t understand Luna’s eccentricities, there was never a dull moment when she was around.

“Yes, I do think Harry’s father’s eyes may have a permanent sticking charm on your ass Ginny.” Luna replied without breaking stride as she opened the bedroom door and was astounded to see how large the room was. “Wow! The bedrooms in Ravenclaw Tower aren’t even half as large as these!”

“Yeah, I definitely don’t remember them being this big… They must’ve put an enlargement charm on all the rooms in Gryffindor Tower.” Ginny concluded as she jumped on the nearest bed with all her belongings beside it. Three other fifth year girls soon followed Ginny and Luna into the room, introducing themselves in order. Ginny already recognized one of the girls as Alice, owing to the fact that she was the spitting image of her future son, Neville Longbottom. Everyone seemed friendly enough to Ginny and Luna, and even though the two girls were by far the most attractive of the five, they soon found out after a long night of gossiping that they were definitely the least sexually experienced.

“It looks like we’re going to have some work cut out for us if we hope to fit in like Dumbledore wanted us to. I mean, we can’t stand out if we hope to accomplish our mission and help Harry, can we?” Ginny reasoned with Luna after the talk had died down and they all turned in for bed.

“I don’t think we’ll have too much trouble catching up though, as long as those Perverted Pixies keep floating around.” Luna replied, yawning with tiredness as she closed her eyes and was quickly whisked away to pleasant dreams.

The first day of classes were short and sweet for both Ginny and Luna; after Charms with a much younger Flitwick and Care of Magical Creatures with Professor Silvanus Kettleburn, who was missing several fingers and toes, Ginny and Luna took a quick lunch in the Great Hall. After being waved over by Lily, she asked them how their first day had gone so far.

“Not bad… We only had Charms and Care of Magical Creatures though… We still have Transfiguration and Ancient Runes this afternoon.” Ginny told Lily as they snacked on a few deliciously prepared sandwiches.

“That’s not so bad… At least Flitwick and Kettleburn aren’t perverts like Slughorn and that new Muggle Studies professor,” Lily told the girls as she took a bite out of her sandwich and quickly looked over at both James and Sirius, who were clearly discussing something important in private. “Sufficed to say, if Slughorn asks you to stay behind after a lesson or to take ‘extra potions lessons’, don’t. If you’re lucky, he won’t make you join his little Slug Club and take every opportunity he can to grope you.” Lily told them wisely, having been groped on several occasions by the aging, balding and fattening Potions Master.

“Slug Club? Do you actually collect slugs?” Luna asked Lily with her usual dazed and confused look.

Lily laughed heartily at what she thought was a funny joke instead of a serious question before turning back to Ginny looking sincere.

“You know… James and Sirius really want to fuck you two… I’m sure they’re planning it right now,” Lily told Ginny and Luna with a smirk, “I know, because they did the same thing before trying to fuck me.”

“And did it work?” Luna asked Lily curiously.

“Well yes, but I wanted it anyway.” Lily told them with a pensive look as James and Sirius broke apart and turned towards Lily, Ginny and Luna to ask them a question.

“The fifth, sixth and seventh years are having a big party tonight back in the common room ladies, and we were hoping you’d like to attend.” Sirius said smoothly as James nodded in approval.

“We’ll be there with bells on.” Ginny told them before Lily or Luna could say anything.

“Hopefully that’s all you’ll be wearing… See you tonight!” James said smartly before he and Sirius jumped up from the table and joined an exiting Remus, Peter and Ron.

“I told you… That was just the first salvo, and they scored a direct hit.” Lily told them as they left the Great Hall and separated to go to their afternoon classes. Transfiguration was the toughest class of the day for Ginny and Luna, owing to the fact that McGonagall felt it necessary to pile on the work because of the upcoming OWLS at the end of the year. Ancient Runes wasn’t too bad and before they knew it, Ginny and Luna were back in the Great Hall enjoying another quick meal. After joining up with Ron and Lily at the Gryffindor table, Ginny quickly spotted Harry and Hermione sitting over at the Slytherin table. She had to take a second look after noticing how close both Harry and especially Hermione was sitting to Malfoy and Snape, almost as if they were getting along. Trying to focus on more important things, Ginny finished her meal and after Luna made a scene by diving over the table to try and catch some invisible magical animal, Ginny looked back over at the Slytherin table to see that both Harry and Hermione had already left.

“Just missed it!” Luna said in exasperation with her ass sticking up in the air with only her thong covering her juicy little butt.

“Here… Let me help you up, Luna.” Sirius said after getting behind Luna and staring down at her perfect ass. Reaching down, Sirius took hold of Luna by the waist and slowly pulled her up.

“Thanks!” Luna said innocently as she felt her ass rub up against his bulge.

The rest of the meal went on without much incident and before long, every single Gryffindor student that was fifth year or above was meeting up in the party room of Gryffindor Tower. After getting changed out of their uniforms, Ron, Ginny, and Luna met down in the common room.

“Holy fuck!” Ron said out loud after seeing what Luna and his little sister were wearing. Luna was decked out in a white, skin-tight one-piece bodysuit that had a v-neck that ran all the way down to her navel. Ginny was wearing a tight polka dot bikini top and the tightest pair of spandex short shorts that Ron had ever seen his life. He started to drool slightly as he looked them up and down. After finally regaining his composure, Ron, Ginny and Luna made their way over to the party room and passed across the age-line to see a disco light flashing overhead and a large number of students knocking back glasses of beer and Fire Whiskey. A shrill whistle and a number of sparks coming from Remus Lupin’s wand made every single student stop what they were doing and look over at the sixth year Prefect.

“What the hell is going on in here?” He said sternly, looking around at everyone before turning to Ron, Ginny and Luna, who had just entered the room before him. Ron, Ginny and Luna looked terrified until Lupin’s slightly scarred face cracked into a smile and he said, “You know we can’t start a party without spinning the bottle first!” Lupin said with enthusiasm as everyone in the massive party hall erupted with a cheer.

“What… Spin the bottle? What the hell is that?” Ron asked Lupin as all the girls in the room started gathering into a large circle with a throne-like chair at the center.

“It’s an old Muggle custom that we’ve slightly improved, and because you’re newest Gryffindor Ron, you have the honour of spinning the bottle and taking your place at the center of that circle.”

“What…? I don’t know? What do I have to do?” Ron said nervously, looking at all the skimpy and extremely beautiful hotties sitting in the circle, waiting for him.

“All you have to do is sit in the chair, spin the bottle and enjoy yourself while the girl the bottle spins to bounces up and down on your cock!” Lupin laughed, slapping Ron on the back and pushing him forward towards the cushy throne-like chair in the center of the circle. Lupin urged Ginny and Luna to join the circle and after Ron nervously took a seat on the chair, a few of the boys watching from the bar, hot tub and cushy chairs, started chanting his name to spin the bottle. Sirius picked up a half-finished bottle of Fire Whiskey and levitated it over to Ron. Taking the hint, Ron guzzled the potent alcohol in a few painful swigs and used his wand to levitate the bottle to the ground to spin it, just as the effects of the Fire Whiskey hit him like a stone wall. Light-headed, dizzy and numb all over, Ron watched as the bottle slowly stopped spinning.

“Fuck!” Ron and Ginny said together as the bottle stopped and pointed right at her.

“I don’t think so.” Ginny said looking nervous for the first time since her arrival back in time. She would do almost anything to make sure they didn’t fail the mission Dumbledore had set for them, but fucking her older brother in front of all these people, definitely wasn’t something she was up to.

“Those are the rules Ginny, you lucky slut!” Lily Evans said with disappointment, tugging at her short shorts and looking downtrodden about not being the one chosen to bounce up and down on Ron’s dick. “Here… Let me help you…” She told Ginny before grabbing her skin-tight short shorts and tearing them off along with her bikini top. A number of the boys watching closely cheered in approval as a couple of the scantily clad girls from the circle pulled down Ron’s pants and underwear to show off Ron’s already rock hard eight inches. The sight of so many smoking hot teenage girls in so little clothing, along with his now naked and extremely gorgeous sister was too much for Ron to conceal any longer.

“Holy fuck… I never knew you were so big!” Ginny said in surprise as Lily pushed her forward, towards the drunken Ron, who was now ogling her with increased arousal. Neither Ginny nor Ron had ever had sex before and although fucking one another would be weird and definitely wrong, the two siblings couldn’t help but deny their attraction for one another, especially while they were naked.

“Come on Ginny… We can’t start the party until you fuck him, so start riding that cock!” Lily said looking jealous before she used her wand to unceremoniously levitate Ginny into the air and slam her down with some force on Ron’s cock.

“OWWWWWW!” Both Weasley siblings groaned in pain as over half of Ron’s eight inches tore through Ginny’s hymen and took her virginity along with Ron’s.

“Ah! So cute… It’s like they’ve never fucked before!” One of the girls nearby said out loud in jest, even though it was in fact Ron and Ginny’s first time. Although nearly numb all over from alcohol consumption, Ron was still in a lot of discomfort as a small trickle of Ginny’s blood dripped down his shaft. “Holy fuck! She was a virgin!” The girl said in obvious surprise as everybody’s attention was completely drawn to the scene developing at the center of the party hall.

“So TIGHT! Ungghhh!” Groaned Ron in discomfort as the pressure of Ginny’s tight pussy around his shaft was nearly overwhelming. With everyone cheering for both Ron and Ginny to really start fucking, Ron took the initiative by grabbing his sister’s little waist and lifting her back up off his cock before slamming her back down on his shaft. Ginny moaned in pain again, but realizing there was only one solution to the ache in her pussy, Ginny started bouncing up and down in rhythm with Ron’s thrusts.

“Fuck… These two gingers are really going at it, right James?” Sirius asked his best friend as he drained another glass of Fire Whiskey. “Looks like someone’s jealous.” Sirius added after seeing the look on James’s face.

“I may not be the first to get a crack at her but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying.” James replied, watching Ginny bounce up and down on Ron’s cock with an increased pace and listening to her moan like a whore as she started to enjoy herself.

“You love your redheads!” Sirius said with a smirk as the scene in front of them started getting really interesting.

“This is so amazing… I’m going to fuck all the time from now on!” Ginny moaned in Ron’s ear as she leaned back and started grinding her hips downwards into Ron’s rapid thrusts.

“You’re telling me… Ughhh… Your pussy is so tight, Gin!” Ron groaned as Ginny sank all the way down on Ron’s full eight inches, allowing Ron to go balls deep in her hot tight pussy.

“Wow! It looks like Ron’s digging for Gasm Juice and I think he found some!” Luna told the crowd around them, not phased in the slightest by how ludicrous her own statement was. Sure enough however, Ginny started moaning even louder in anticipation of an approaching orgasm.

“Mmmmm… I think I’m gonna cum Ron! Fuck me HARDER!” Ginny screamed like a whore as Ron slammed her up and down on his shaft at a blinding speed, quickly nearing his own end as well.

“I’m fucking cumming too, Gin!” Ron shouted out loud as he slammed his cock as deep inside her as possible and felt Ginny’s pussy spasm on his cock and cover it with her warm juices.

“Unghhhhhh… Ummmmmm! I’m cumming in you!” Ron grunted in short order, as his cock exploded in orgasmic relief after feeling Ginny’s hot juices cover his shaft. Holding her by the waist, Ron moaned and groaned in relief as he pumped stream after stream of his sticky potent cum directly into his sister’s vulnerable and fertile womb, not caring in the slightest of the implications of such an act.

“I can feel it! Your cum is so hot!” Ginny moaned, falling back on Ron’s heaving chest as he finally stopped filling her up with his hot seed. Drunk, exhausted and satisfied, Ron quickly slipped off into unconsciousness and disturbing dreams of his parents berating him for knocking up his own sister.

“That was brilliant Ginny! I can’t believe you let him cum in you like that? Better hope he didn’t put a bun in your oven!” Lily said from the crowd around her. Ginny barely heard a word of what Lily had said with the crowd watching her and Ron cheering loudly for the amazing sticky ending they had just observed. Exhausted, but feeling great after being pumped full of her brother’s hot cum, Ginny slowly slid off of Ron’s lap and pulled her clothes back on in short order. After a loud applause and shaking a few hands, Ginny grabbed a couple of drinks and spent the rest of the night in the hot tub receiving praise from half the Gryffindors on a job well done. “I still can’t believe you let him cum in you like that Ginny. I always make them pull out first… What if you get pregnant?” Lily asked Ginny with a smile, still impressed by the show Ron and Ginny had put on, but obviously concerned about the implications of Ron cumming inside her.

“It’s no big deal… I’ll just stop by the Hospital Wing; pick up a vial of pregnancy potion from Madam Pomfrey and no worries.” Ginny said confidently as she sucked back another drink and looked over at an unconscious and naked Ron. Ginny had known about the pregnancy potion ever since she had reached the age of sexual maturity and although she had never had sex previously, she knew the clever little potion could avert any potential pregnancies.

“What the hell is a pregnancy potion?” Lily replied, looking curious but confused while Ginny dropped her empty glass of liquor in the water and looked back at Lily looking extremely concerned.


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