Harry Potter Pornography Story: drill of lifetime

Harry Potter Pornography Story: drill of lifetime

Harry Potter’s breath fogged up the glass of the dormitory window like a thick haze of smoke. Looking out over the dark grounds of Hogwarts Castle, he felt at home, but still strangely out of place. He was not, after all, at the school as a student, as he had been for the past six years, but as a hero. Only days ago Lord Voldemort had been defeated in the final and most violent battle of the Second War, and Harry had had a strange mix of emotions since that time. He was glad for the defeat of his foe, but at the same time it was proving nearly impossible for the thought of the Dark Lord being gone once and for all.

He looked away from the window and gave the entirety of the dark Gryffindor boy’s dormitory a sweeping gaze. In the surrounding four beds, Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, and his own best friend Ron slumbered peacefully, there dreams free of the nightmares that had been haunting his; nightmares that all included the resurrection of Voldemort, the sting of the Cruciatus Curse, a flash of green light, and a bittersweet reunion with his dead friends in what Dumbledore had called “the next great adventure.”

Of course, his friends and former classmates had more than enough reasons to be happy; they were all getting laid. Now that the terror that had gripped Britain was over, the lovely witches of the school were not hesitating to make up for lost time to release some of their sexual tension. Just the other day, Harry had seen Luna Lovegood giving Neville a full nonverbal sign of her friendship on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. He had felt happy for his friends, who he figured were both virgins and had always shown some attraction for each other, but the event had left him horny as hell and needing to get his rocks off. Not necessarily with Luna (though he wouldn’t say to the tasty sixth-year), but with anyone at all.

Unfortunately for him, it was that time of the month for his own girlfriend, Ginny, who he knew had been perfectly willing to fuck the Boy Who Lived for the past six years, and she had been
being such a bitch that she wouldn’t even let him touch her. He pondered for a moment if Hermione would mind getting stuffed with his cock, but knew that it was extremely unlikely; she was going steady with Ron.

Shaking his sleep ridden head, he had a sudden mental image of Hermione stripping down for him; slipping off her tight school uniform, unfastening her bra, and pulling down her sopping wet panties, revealing a tight teenage snatch that he had always imagined would be shaved. She would crawl across the bed to him, her pink tongue licking her lips, getting ready to engulf his sick inches…. He felt his cock twinge insistently against his pajama pants, and looked around the room to make sure his friends were asleep. Satisfied, he laid on top of his blankets, drew the curtains around him, and pulled off his pants.

Wetting his hand with his mouth, he began to massage his own dick, which was growing to full size, fantasying about his “like a sister” friend. He imagined that his wet fingers were her tongue giving him a fantastic mouth job, and then cupped his hand into a loose fist and started jerking off, tightening it and thinking of how Hermione would feel ….

Then he heard a giggle and realized that the sounds of his fist hitting his midriff had not been quiet in the least. Seconds later, the curtains opened, and he saw Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil, two extremely gorgeous girls in his own year who should have been in the girl’s dormitory next door.

Lavender giggled again and ogled his large shaft. “Holy fuck,” she said quietly to her friend, who looked like she would be willing to take Hermione’s place in his fantasies.

Harry could have said the same thing. It was embarrassing to be caught beating his own meat in the dead of the night, let alone by two girls he had had eyes for for the past few years and who shouldn’t have even been in his dormitory in the first place.

“What in the name of Hell are you doing up here?” he hissed, careful not to wake the male inhabitants of the room, and pulled up his pants, but there was still a significant bulge in the plaid trousers; Lavender was bending toward him slightly and he had a nice view down her nighty, and he now had firsthand knowledge that she didn’t wear a bra to bed.

“We were wanting to see if you wanted to …” Parvati began, but broke off, looking embarrassed. Harry rather thought she had been planning to ask him something for a while now but was looking faith in her plan at the last second, “you know….”

“Fuck.” finished Lavender promptly. It was obvious that she had no problem with finding a decent-looking seventeen-year-old male pleasuring himself.

Harry was at a loss for words; he needed to blow a load, and soon, but he couldn’t bring himself to say “Let’s go.” However, there proved to be no need for words; Lavender had already went down and was working his pants and shirt off. He was not wearing anything else.

In record time he sat up and went over to the edge of the bed, and both girls dropped to their knees. It was clear that Harry was not the only one starting to get hard; through their nightdresses he could distinctly see the girls nipples, perfectly capping off what he would hazard a guess at being C-cups.

Lavender was rubbing herself with one pale, manicured hand through the thin material of her sleeping clothes, pleasuring her own sexual organs just as Harry had done moments earlier. He couldn’t believe this was happening; he had fantasized about the girls once or twice, but had never seriously considered fucking them. And he had not thought they would be so willing even if he suggested it. Apparently, beating the most dangerous Dark wizard for a century had its perks.

Finishing her own fingering, Lavender licked her hand, making sure it was good and moist, and began rubbing Harry off. It felt much better than doing it himself; he could feel himself growing harder as she worked herself up and down. Up and down. Up … down … up … down ….

While he was already loving the sensation of getting a hand job from the delicious blonde, Parvati, her big, innocent schoolgirl eyes twinkling with virgin excitement, reached out her tanned hand and fondled Harry’s balls, sending a feeling of pure erotica up both of the participants spins and causing Harry to have a tickling sensation when her palm ran over some short pubic hairs.

“Shit, girls….” he moaned quietly, staring up at the ceiling with closed eyes, cold beads of sweat falling from his brow, “Don’t tease me too much ….”

Even before the last few words had left his lips, Parvati shoved Lavender out of the way and positioned herself over Harry’s raging hard-on and engulfed only the enlarged tip in her wet mouth, rubbing it over with her tongue, exploring every corner of the sensitive skin. Not looking dejected at all, Lavender did the same to his balls. He could feel his cock get, if that was even possible, harder, growing almost another inch. If the mutual masturbation had been good, oral sex was pure bliss.

“Harry, you’re cock is sooooo good,” Parvati moaned seductively while Lavender, like the whore she was, commented on his balls. Harry wanted to say something, but he was unable to form coherent sentences.

Apparently pleased with her response, Parvati began to move her sexy teenage head farther along down his shaft, but Harry stopped her. He wanted those nighties OFF! He reached down to his little whore friend Parvati and tried to help her out of her light clothing, but had little luck. The fact her nipples were erect and sticking out hard against the fabric made him want to removed the pestering dress even more. Still trying to get her naked, she began to bob back and forth over his dick, while Lavender, her bushy blonde hair a wild mass, looked up from sucking his sack with a look of pure jealousy apparent in her blue eyes.

Sensing that Harry truly wanted her nude, Parvati, hornier than she had ever been in her abstinent life and overjoyed with giving her first oral sex ripped off the dress, the pain of the straps cutting into her only adding to her sense of sensuality.

Parvati’s tanned brown skin made her body look more appealing. The only girl Harry had ever fucked before had been a pasty white practice girl named Eloise Midgen in fourth year. He had needed to lose his virginity by the upcoming Yule Ball just in case he got lucky with the very same girl now sucking him off, incidentally. He hadn’t, not that night, but he figured now that Merlin above was paying him back twofold, including Parvati’s sexy little friend in the deal.

He admired her surprisingly large looking tits, which looked very firm. He gave them a good squeeze, and he was proven correct. Next he lowered his gaze to her ass, which was visible behind her as she got even lower over his cock, deepthroating it like he had never been deep throated before. Pleased with the tight but not excessively small rear, he tried to catch a glimpse of her pussy, but couldn’t manage it due to the barrier of her head going rapidly over him.

He slapped her ass quickly, a little harder than was necessary, but she yelped with pleasure all the same, and he could see Lavender looking extremely jealous. Harry felt she had waited long enough; he had wanted Parvati’s first jab at sex to be good, but he knew for a fact Lavender was not a virgin; Ron had made that known to the entirety of the school the year before.

Just like Parvati, Harry tore Lavender’s dress off as Parvati stopped sucking on his command; he didn’t want to come too soon. He noticed that he had been mistaken that Lavender had had a C-cup. It was most definitely a large D, and the finest pair of tits he had ever seen. He admired her pert pink nipples for a while, before seeing her nice juicy ass, which was just the way Harry liked them. Her pussy was great; shaved and very tight, despite her status as a total slut, just as he had always imagined Hermione’s would be.

“Let’s fuck!” Parvati ordered gleefully, and Harry was surprised that the timid virgin who had caught him masturbating was turning out to be very skilled and entirely willing to take control of their sexual relationship. He didn’t mind though, he had had the appetizer, now he was ready for the main course! He stood up, ordering Parvati to lay down on top of the thick woolen blankets, and he saw her pussy, but was ready for it this time. It looked much like Lavender’s, but with a fine line of black pubic hair just above her entrance, and with a darker complexion; apparently Parvati had no problem laying around outside completely naked to get an all-around tan.

Harry guided himself on top of Parvati, where he took hold of his hard six inches and eased himself into the slut. He pumped a little deeper and came across a barrier; he pulled himself out almost all the way, then slammed forward and felt it bust away. Parvati moaned with pleasure despite the look of pain on her face, and Lavender was standing up by the bed now, watching the show and fingering herself literally this time; her long finger was deep inside her delicious twat.

“YES! FUCK YES!” groaned Parvati, and she looked like she could hardly believe her luck; apparently Harry had not realized how high of an honor it was to girls having his cock stuffed into them. He was completely submerged in her now, surrounded by a wet warmth that made him feel like he might fill her up any minute now.

Lavender seemed to sense this impending doom and decided she did not want to be left out; she crawled up, just as Harry had fantasized Hermione would, and crawled over to them, licking her lips. She positioned herself directly between the two lovers, who were fucking like there was no tomorrow, and began licking both of their organs, savoring the juices that began to slide off.

Seconds later Parvati came, trickling pussy juice all over the bed sheets, onto his dick, and into Lavender’s waiting mouth. Harry wondered briefly what the house-elves would think, and that train of thought made him think of Hermione and her elf obsession, which made him relive his dirty thoughts about her, causing him to have an orgasm as well. Grunting with pleasure, he added to Lavender’s feast, and shot some sticky cum into her best friend at the same time.

“When do I get some?” asked a desperately horny Lavender. Parvati sensed her slutty friends needs and rolled away, juices, both hers and Harry’s, trickling down her long tan legs, and let Lavander take her place. The innocent-looking blonde spread her legs wider than Harry though possible, exposing her perfect hole. He looked down at her gorgeous pussy and, even though he had just came, got harder than ever. He was overcome with a desire to give Lavender a load of his sticky cum.

He placed the tip of his cock into Lavender’s quivering pussy. She was just as tight as her friend, despite all the times she had gotten fucked silly by so many boys. He rammed his six inch penis into her, aided by the two girls’ saliva and juices.

“Holy shit! You’re so much better than Ron, Harry!” Lavender screamed, even though Harry was moving very slowly and had only inserted a couple of inches into her. Obviously Ron had not done her hard enough the year before. Realizing she would react even better to some hardcore stuff, and so he did her forcibly, causing her to squeal loudly with pleasure. Clearly watching her best friend get savaged moments before had made her super horny, because in no time her juices were making him go through another orgasm as well, dumping load after load into her waiting belly.

Realizing he was still pumping out juices, he pulled himself out and dumped sperm all over his two little girlfriends, painting every inch of their well-tuned bodies a lovely shade of white.

“Sweet fucking Jesus,” groaned Harry, hardly thinking that this night could get any better. Just as he thought it, it did. Lavender and Parvati, exhausted by being ravaged by the Chosen One, had pulled each other into tight embraces and were licking Harry’s cum off of everywhere they could get to in their girlfriend. He distinctly saw Lavender start eating Parvati’s pussy, determined as she was to get more of Harry’s cum.

“Damn, girls, you sure are pretty nasty sluts!” he said loudly with glee, and as he said it he heard some sniggering. Looking over, he saw Ron watching their little orgy, jacking himself off.

“Fuck, mate, you should have woken me up!” said Ron, admiring the strands of cum covering the two young teenie boppers. “You lucky bastard!”

“I didn’t think you’d want some,” said Harry truthfully, “Seeing as your with Hermione and all.”

Ron laughed, “That doesn’t mean I would do these two whores silly! Hermione won’t even bother sucking me, anyway. She’s all about ‘abstaining from illicit activities until marriage’ or some shit like that.”

Harry couldn’t help but feel sorry for his friend, as he was in the same position as he himself was with Ginny, but because he was dating one of the hottest girls in the year, his sympathy was limited.

“Go ahead,” Harry permitted “Bang these little hoes!” He thought for a moment that the two girls might argue, but they obediently walked over to Ron and began an exact replay of the act they had just done to Harry.

Parvati had just lowered herself to Ron’s throbbing dick when Harry laid down on his sopping-wet bed sheets, exhausted by his conquest, and fell asleep, hoping his body would recharge, filling itself back up with potent seed before the next day, when he felt he would try and continue his erotic adventure.

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