Harry Potter Pornography Story: Wicked

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Wicked

“Wicked? You?” Harry said, chuckling.

 “What? You think I can’t be?” Hermione said, walking steadily toward him. She walked him right into a corner. He looked nervous now, as she pressed the entire length of her body against his. “Just because it’s a side of me I’ve never showed you doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist,” she whispered, running a hand down his chest and down to the crotch of his jeans, where she could feel the hardening bulge of his erection. A strangled sound came from deep within his throat as her hand grazed over it. She smirked.

 Feeling indeed very wicked, she ran her hand back up to his chest, beneath his shirt this time. She felt his abdominal muscles flutter beneath her fingers as she pressed her hips into his. He had his eyes closed and his head had fallen back to rest against the wall. Hermione licked her lips and then, lightly, brought them to his exposed neck. Harry let out a guttural sound of pleasure; it sent a thrill of power through her. She wanted to drive him completely mad.

 Sinking to her knees, she planted a trail of wet kisses down his stomach before dropping his shirt and reaching for the button of his jeans. She unclasped and unzipped them and tugged them off his hips. She was now face-to-face with his dick, straining against the fabric of his boxers. Those, too, she pulled down, more carefully this time, and she let them fall to the puddle at his feet with him jeans.

 Hermione looked up at his face. His eyes were still tightly shut and he was breathing heavily. “Watch me,” she commanded, her voice surprisingly husky. His eyes flew open wide and he seemed almost nervous as she smirked up at him.


 “Shhh,” she hissed, and he didn’t say another word as she took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head before taking as much of him in as she could. She looked up at him and sucked hard before letting him slide out of her mouth and taking him again. She was vaguely aware of him moaning loudly, but the only thing she was paying attention to was the look on his face as she drove him to the edge.

 She had wanted to do this to Harry for so long, had so many fantasies about doing just precisely this, on her knees with his cock in her mouth. And what a lovely cock it was – long and slender. Hermione couldn’t suppress a moan at the thought of how it would feel inside her, and she felt Harry shudder as it vibrated around him.

 Another lick, another suck. She wrapped a hand around the base of his shaft and stroked with the rhythm of her mouth, cupping his balls with the other. He groaned and fisted his hands in her hair.

 “Oh, God.”

 Two sucks. Three licks.

 “Oh – oh, ‘Mione, I’m – I’m –“

 Hermione felt more powerful than she ever had casting a spell as his hot fluid spurted into her mouth. When he was finished, she pulled off him, and, making sure he was watching closely, very slowly and deliberately swallowed.

 Harry gaped at her. With her usual businesslike manner, Hermione tidied him up and wiped her mouth. With a self-satisfied smile, she turned to look at him before she left the room.

 “See? I can be wicked.”

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