Harry Potter Pornography Story: The Broom Closet

Harry Potter Pornography Story: The Broom Closet

“Come on, come on! This way!” Harry shouted as he pulled Hermione behind him by the wrist.

The two stormed down the school’s corridors laughing and checking over their shoulders every now and then to make sure Snape wasn’t too close behind.

“In here!” Hermione said as she randomly opened an unlocked door.

Harry and Hermione ran inside, trying to control their laughter and excitement. They were in serious trouble, but couldn’t help have fun in spite of the situation. The look on Snape’s face when Harry and Hermione had simultaneously stupefied him just before he was about to hex Harry was timeless. Snape got what he deserved, all Harry and Hermione had to do now was try and escape the consequences of their actions.

What they soon discovered, however, was that they had walked right into a trap. The door they had gone through belonged to a fully enclosed and uncomfortably tiny broom closet. Immediately behind Harry was a solid stone wall. Behind Hermione was a stack of wooden crates that jutted painfully into her lower back. To their one side were, of course, half a dozen brooms and mops propped up against the wall. Finally, to their other side was the door. It was so small that they had little choice but to stand inches from each other face to face.

The two were immediately sobered and stood uneasily because of their forced close proximity. To make things worse, Harry’s left hand had improperly landed on Hermione’s right breast. Normally Harry would’ve immediately taken his hand off and mumbled “Sorry” and Hermione would’ve embarrassingly replied “That’s ok,” but that’s not what happened. This time, and not really knowing the reason why, Harry kept his hand where it was and waited for Hermione’s reaction. She seemed a bit confused as to why Harry wasn’t pulling his hand away, but other than that her reaction was…nothing. She didn’t slap him, tell him to get off, or shove him away from her. Instead, she just looked docilely back up at him and did absolutely nothing. A bit surprised by Hermione’s submissiveness, Harry tested his boundaries a bit further and began gently rubbing her nipple with his thumb through her shirt and bra. Again, Hermione did nothing.

This is Hermione!, thought Harry, I grew up with her. She’s my best friend…What am I doing?!

Just as he was about to remove his hand, Hermione raised herself up on tip-toe and softly kissed Harry on the lips. When he was too shocked to respond, she kissed him again, a little bit longer, inviting him to join in. Harry lost all his apprehensions and allowed this, whatever this was, to keep happening. Hermione reached behind his neck and pulled him towards her, deepening their kiss. Harry’s hands fell to her waist and he pulled her body closer to him. They broke their kiss and looked each other in the eyes.

“This will change everything,” Harry said.

“I know,” Hermione replied.

“And you’re ok with that?” Harry asked, not really sure if he was ok with it himself.

“Let’s put it this way,” Hermione said getting into her matter-of-fact mode. “I’ve been more curious why things haven’t changed between us for all the years we’ve been together.”

“We’re best friends. Being friends is what we do. I wouldn’t dare make a move on you if I thought it wasn’t what you wanted,” Harry reasoned.

“Why is it so hard for boys to see what’s right in front of their eyes?!” Hermione said exasperated.

“What I saw was Ron falling for you and you falling right back,” Harry said with a tone of justification in his voice.

“What I wanted was for you to step up! I’d given up on you ages ago, but at least Ron seemed interested!” Hermione said angrily.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” Harry answered quietly.

“How could you? You were too busy being a good friend to be anything else. How could I possibly hate you for something like that?” Hermione said earnestly.

They both stood quiet for a moment, not knowing what else to say. Then, Harry finally broke the silence…

“So change is good?” he asked her.

“Yeah,” Hermione laughed. “Change would be very good.”

Harry laughed, too, and pulled her in for a hug. They embraced each other tightly and met lips again.

At this point, Harry and Hermione were so concentrated on each other that they didn’t even notice that Snape had missed them just on the other side of their door and that he had continued on in completely the wrong direction.

Now that he knew he had her permission, a sense of daring coursed through Harry’s veins. He brought his hands down to her chest and started unbuttoning her shirt. Hermione aided him by unfastening her bra for him. Together, they slipped her top off and Harry cupped and squeezed her breasts. He took one nipple and ran circles around the areola with the tip of his tongue before moving onto the other breast and doing the same. Then he sprinkled kisses down her torso, starting on her sternum, then down to her flat stomach. He dipped his tongue into her belly button and Hermione, feeling tickled, couldn’t help but laugh. Her laughter quickly died down, however, when Harry brought his hand to the hem of her skirt, lifted it up, and placed his warm hand on the outside of her thigh. Hermione held her breath, but kept her silence. Harry then moved his hand from the outside of her thigh and moved it slowly inward and up. Soon the tips of his fingers were tracing circles over her crotch. Although he half expected it, he was still taken aback by how wet Hermione actually was. He could feel her soaked right through her panties. Wanting to feel her without barrier, Harry slipped his fingers under the cloth and immediately felt her wiry curls.

Harry rubbed Hermione, making sure to get her clit as he did so before gently dipping two fingers deep inside of her. Harry was amazed at how tight and soft and burning hot she was inside. Harry easily slipped his fingers in and out of her and his eyes widened as Hermione began gyrating to his pumping movements.

Harry’s erection had gone from slight twitching to full out throbbing, but he continued with what he was doing.

Soon, Hermione was clutching Harry’s arm to make him stop. Her eyes were shut tight and she bucked hard against his still hand, letting the waves overwhelm all her senses. Meanwhile, Harry could feel Hermione’s inner muscles clamping down tightly on his fingers, almost crushing them.

Hermione grew limp and Harry was able to slip out of her. With his fingers sticky with her juices, Harry dug into his pant’s pocket with his other hand and drew out a condom, thankful that he was mindful to put one there in the first place. Hermione met his eyes with a questioning gaze.

“Never really had a need for one before now. There wasn’t really anybody else I cared for. I guess I just wanted to be prepared, you know…just in case.” Harry said with a shrug. “See Miss Granger, you were wrong about at least one thing…I did see you. I guess I was just too good at making sure you didn’t notice.”

Hermione was speechless. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him on the lips before raining kisses all over his face.

When she finally stopped, they smiled at each other and continued with the business at hand.

Harry reached down and unzipped his pants. To Hermione’s surprise, Harry’s erection fell right out and stood stiffly before her. Harry was so hard that he had already snaked out of the slit in his boxers. Harry slipped the condom on himself, fully aware of Hermione watching his every move with eager anticipation.

Harry placed his hands on Hermione’s hips and after a little bit of confusion (“What are you doing?” Hermione had said) Harry had Hermione facing away from him, bent over the wooden crates. Understanding, Hermione relaxed onto the crates and grabbed onto the edges of one of them. Harry reached up under Hermione’s skirt, pulled her panties down to her ankles, and Hermione obligingly stepped out of them. Then, Harry lifted up the back of Hermione’s skirt, took his penis into his hand, and gently maneuvered himself into Hermione’s entrance.

Harry pushed himself inch by inch slowly inward and he and Hermione groaned once he was completely inside. Hermione did so because his filling her up hurt her slightly. Harry did so because Hermione was so tight around him. Harry slowly pulled out and couldn’t get over the sensation the friction made. Soon he was lost of all thought and thrusting in and out of her, getting quicker each time. He was ramming so hard into Hermione that she had squeezed her eyes shut and was holding as tight as she could to the crates beneath her, which shook with each of Harry’s jolting thrusts.

Just when Hermione thought she couldn’t take it anymore, she felt a wave of sheer pleasure rush through her and she knew she had come. Seconds later, Harry froze abruptly and pushed all the semen he could inside of Hermione.

The two collapsed exhausted on the crates, their hearts racing, their breaths short and fast, and their bodies slick with sweat. Only after everything had slowed back to normal did they start to clean themselves up. Then, they put their ears up against the door to make sure the coast was clear and slipped out as if nothing had happened.

The only indication that anything had happened was that Harry and Hermione couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day and nobody could figure out why. Everyone would find out soon enough, but for now Harry and Hermione were going to have fun keeping their little secret.

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