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Harry Potter Pornography Story: Luna luvs a thestrle

Harry Potter Pornography Story: Luna luvs a thestrle

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own any of the characters in this story, they are the property of jk rowling.

(not 100% on spelling)

Luna looked around anxiously, her airy prescence making sure noone was around. When she saw that the coast was clear she moved into the seemingly empty clearing, although luna was able to see the thestrles. She looked at the strange creatures before her with a sense of friendship and wanting in her eyes.

Luna moved towards the lead thestrele and climbed under it. the thestrele continued on without paying much attention. With expert knowledge luna pulled the thestreles long 12 inch dick out of the fake bone in its pelvis, she immediatly begun sucking the whole thing, forcing the entirity of it down her throat easily. While she was giving the thestrele a blowjob she began to put her hand in her panties and finger herself till she was dripping wet. She then took all of the juices that had begun to build up in her hand just as the thestrele shot its load down her throat.

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Harry Potter Porno Story: Ice cream

Harry Potter Porno Story: Ice cream

Hermione drew a long lick from the popsicle, eliciting several moans from most of the male population of the great hall. Hermione had started lick the extra long popsicle 2 minutes ago, every male, 3rd year and up’s attention. She seemed to be oblivious, reading the�Daily Prophet.

She started to suck on the tip, eagerly getting the juice, causing several wizards to get up, muttering about the bathroom. Harry and Ron had been staring at her, too. For she had grown. Her normally bushy hair, fell in ringlets to right below her shoulders. Her chest had doubled in size. She has red plump lips, with deep brown eyes. She had been getting jealousy glares from girls all year. She brushed them off as her being best friends with Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Refused-To-Die.

Hermione swirled the tip with her tongue, eyes closing in bliss. She opened them again, seeming interested in the article. She stuck almost the entire popsicle in her mouth, getting the sugary syrup. She pulled it out with a loud pop. The Gryffindor boys squirmed in there seats, looking at the food, while trying to ignore the tightness in there pants.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Late night Magic 1

Harry Potter Porn Story: Late night Magic 1

In this series titled “Late Night Magic” you will find sex stories true to the books. They will all be filled with both hot sex and lov between either Harry & Ginny or Ron &Hermione. I found that sex between any other combonation was a betrayl to the books. As the title entails the stories will take pace at night.

Late Night Magic 1:

Surprise in the Dormitory

It was a late Friday night in June and Ginny was sneaking down the stairs of the girls’ dormitory, in her pajamas, her auburn hair flowing behind her. She slowly opened the door to the common room and peered out, no one was there. She then quickly made her way to the door directly across the room; she opened it and started climbing the stairs to the boys’ dormitory. When she reached the fourth landing she tiptoed into the room and across to one of the beds. She slipped past the curtains of the four-post, and looked, smiling, upon her sleeping boyfriend.

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It’s not a secret that Harry luvs to boink magic damsels

Harry Potter Hentai

Hentai Picture: It’s not a secret that Harry luvs to boink magic damsels
We are glad to see you at the dimension of Harry Potter sex where the wildest sex endeavors are there for you to relish! Another teen nympho from Harry Potter got those perfect big boobs to demonstrate us and she can never reject any fuck-ready dick… That teen washes foam off her slender body and gets face fucked by her man straight in the tub.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry: bloodline of lust Ch1

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry: bloodline of lust Ch1

Harry potter and the bloodline of lust is written by O Jordinio O on fanfiction.net

Harry Potter was a very interesting eleven year old boy. At only one and a half years of age he was the vanquisher of the most powerful Dark Lord in history, the cost of such fame was that his Mother and Father died fending off said Dark Lord before Harry killed him using methods nobody could figure out.

With the death of his parents, the secret keeper Peter Pettigrew was captured by a family friend, Remus Lupin, and sentenced to life in Azkaban. Because of a few well placed words Remus even managed to improve the living conditions of werewolves all across Britain, as he made sure everyone knew he was only able to catch the heinous criminal due to his enhanced senses.

Custody of Harry went to his Godfather, or Dogfather, depending on who you asked, Sirius Black. And while a great man, he was not the best role model for Harry to take after. Then again, he wasn’t the worst either, like Lily’s Muggle sister for example. At a young age, thanks to his Godfather, Harry became obsessed with the female body just as much as Sirius himself was.

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These ultra-kinky lil’ creatures having a real fun with Hermione Jean Granger tonight!

Emma Watson Porn

Hentai Picture: These ultra-kinky lil’ creatures having a real fun with Hermione Jean Granger tonight!
This teen gets undressed in front of the camera on a cozy chair fondling her clit and fucking herself with a rubber dick in front of cam. Harry Potter guarantees access to protected and upgraded fucking for everybody and including the ladies! Another fuck-obessed hottie from Harry Potter got those perfect big boobs to bring to our view and she can never reject anyone with a hard cock.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Erotic Ride

Harry Potter Porn Story: Erotic Ride

15 year old Ginny Weasley boarded the Hogwarts express, sitting with her brother Ron and his friends Hermion&Harry. To her misfortune she was never really involved in their conversations, since she never was part of their adventures. She sighed as she got up, she opended the door then left that compartment. There was one compartment left, and it was very much empty. To her desire she locked the door and threw her stuff on the comfy cushion. She sat down, it was gonna be a long ride so she figured she close her eyes and take a short nap before arriving to Hogwarts.

She closed her chocolate brown eyes as soon as she laid her head against the side of the window. Soon enough she was fast asleep, what she did not know. Some one had unlocked the door then walked in and locked it back up.

“Tom..” she muttered from her sleep, her dream was very erotic. One she thought she would never have, usually they were her and Harry togather. Tom had her down on her back on a bed, he had his hands slipping off her silky red nightdress. His fingers fodling her soft pink nipples, till he brought his head down to wrap his lips around one taking it in. Her moans casaded from her throat, his lips brushing against hers several times. His hands soon then moved down to her waist, gripping her panties and sliding them all the way down to her ankles so she can kick them off. “Mmm..Tom” she again said as she talked into her sleep, his fingers brushing against the swollen flower which had not bloomed yet. His one finger brushed against the hot wet whole of her sex then firmly pushed one in making her grip the bed sheets. Her not noticing since she is asleep, she hand her hand rubbing her intimate area “Tom..ooo” she moaned in her sleep. He then pulled out of her then moved ontop of her, his lips kissing her neck. The dream was soon interuppted from a heavly chuckle fit.

Her eyes soon snapped open, she was panting as she felt herself dripping of sweat. Also the hearing of chuckling across from her. To her horror it was the one and only person she wished wasn’t here, she didn’t even realize her hand one in her panties. Her skirt was lifted up so practically a great view of what she was doing.

“So Weasley? Who is Tom?Also you may want to get your hand out of where it is” he chuckled coldly, it was the one and only Draco Malfoy. He had left the compartment he was in with Pansy, seeing this was the only one left but was locked he used his magic to unlock it. To his luck he sat across the youngest Weasley. Ginny Weasley, it had appeared she was asleep but then he thought different when she started to call out the name ‘Tom’. Actually was getting pretty annoying to him at first that is untill he noticed she began to pleasure herself without herself even knowing she was doing it also not knowing he was in the same compartment as she.

“M-Malfoy” she stammered as she whipped her hand out of her panties while her face turned deep red just like her hair. This would have to be the most embarrassing thing for her at the tops, not even that valentine she gave to Harry in her first year was as embarrassing as this.

” The one and only! Weasley” he grew his trademark smirk upon his thin lips “So who is this Tom?” he grinned noticing her blush even more. “I suppose that dream was about this guy named ‘Tom’ since you were moaning out his name while you sleep” he laughed half heartly.

“Did not!” she objected while her fingers nervously fumbled with eachother “Really now? Do you even know what you were saying and doing while you slept” Draco’s left eyebrow corked waiting for her answer.

She felt her anger because her left eye began to twitch “You dare tell me that I’m lying about my on self?” she snapped. He smirked “Well really you have no way of proven what you did, but I witnessed it. Also your skirt is still up” he grinned while pointing at her. She looked down to look at her skirt up and her panties showing. She blushed then pushed it down covering her hands ontop of the skirt “Pervert!” she muttered.

“Weasley, why would I want to see you?”he insulted her, she just glared at him which made him laugh darkly. “I think a blackmail is in order”Draco coldy said as she squeaked to that, a blackmail was something she didn’t need for this year.

“If you be my slave for this year, I promise I will not spread your sexuall masterbation act in this very compartment. Agreed?” he asked.

She blinked her chocolate eyes ‘Agree! Like hell..but if I do not agree that will spread like before you can say qudditch’ she thought. Her eyes looked up at his menacing cold gray stoned toned eyes holding no expression what so ever. “Yes..” she whispered so low he barely herd “Yes what? Weasley” he mocked then she spoke louder “Yes Malfoy! I agree” she snapped then turned towards the window.

“Very good, Gin” he smirked then ran his fingers through his slicked back silver blonde hair. “Oh yeah one other thing. You have to do whatever I ask you to do”he pushed her on, her fist gripped as her teeth clentched togather trying to hold back her rage of wanting to get up and grab him by the neck then wring him to death. “Very well” she lied through her grinted teeth, right now she felt as if she lost all pride to herself. Since Malfoy would be taking advantage of her, bad enough she was always consider a worthless dirty muggle loving girl. If they would have sex, her virginity would be taken away from someone who didn’t even really care about her in the first place. This was just plain bliss ride for him, she then remained silent through the whole rest of the way to Hogwarts.

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