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Hermione Jean Granger want try new sex toy

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Hentai Picture: Hermione Jean Granger want try new sex toy
Get ready for the world of Harry Potter hardcore content the most outrageous sex episodes are always in stock! Naughty babe from Harry Potter is ready for the hardest fucking task of all her previous experience… A lusty dude fucks Hermione Jean Granger in the bum and gives a tremendous cumshot cumming right over the girl’s face.

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Bare Luna Lovegood gets massive manmeat of darkness in her most darkest fuck-hole!

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Hentai Picture: Bare Luna Lovegood gets massive manmeat of darkness in her most darkest fuck-hole!
Get a peep at how blubber Harry Potter jerries got herby in mars, weeping, muck and are fetched in any manner of evil-living shags. Another sexy hottie from Harry Potter has some great rack to bring to our view and she cannot even think of skipping any male around! Amazing Luna Lovegood takes dildo and cock deep in her pussy and butthole and gets filled up with jizz as her tight tush is pounded by hand.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry’s Secret Plan to Impregnate Hermione

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry’s Secret Plan to Impregnate Hermione

Harry had just returned to his living quarters after meeting with Hagrid and finding out about the dragons. His heart was still racing from learning that the dragons were the first task in the tri wizard tournament. He was angry at Ron for not telling him and wanted to get back at him in some form. Harry decided to impregnate Hermione. He knew Ron would be bloody mad if he found out that his best friend got the girl he is secretly in love with pregnant. Harry knew that Hermione did not think of him that way, so he knew that he had to cast a spell on her to get her into his bed. The only one that would have a problem with him fucking and impregnating Hermione besides Ron would be Ginny since he had already got a blow-job from her while he stayed the night at the Burrow before the World Quiddage Game.
Harry could still remember that night. Ginny and Harry had gotten up at the same time in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. They met in the hallway and headed towards the kitchen and was wondering why the other was up. “I am just getting a drink of water” they said at the same time. They couldn’t help but giggle. They stared into each other’s eyes and then they leaned toward each other and kissed. Harry liked the feeling of Ginny’s lips; they were soft, wet and tasted liked strawberries. Ginny pulled back and was wondering what was happening between them. They started breathing very heavy, reached out to grab for each other; started kissing very passionately, while rubbing their hands over each other’s bodies. Ginny pulled away “I can’t I am on my monthly cycle” she heavily whispered in Harry’s ear. “You got me going, so are you going to help at all to get rid of this boner?” Harry asked her. “I think can get rid of it” she replied with a smirk on her face. She grabbed Harry’s hand and led him to the couch. She pulled down his pajama pants and his boxers. She had him lie down on the couch. She pulled out her wand and lit some candles and suspended them in mid air so she can have some light. She climbed on to the couch between Harry’s legs. She got a good look at his eleven inch cock. “It has been awhile since I have tasted dick” she said as she gently wrapped her left hand around his cock. Then she lowered her head and started to lick the head of his dick. Harry knew that if he did not put a gag in his mouth, her family was going to hear him moan from pleasure. He grabbed Ginny’s wand and made himself a gag. Ginny was starting to suck and massage the full length of his cock. She could feel all of the veins along the shaft of his cock with her tongue. She lightly teased each one and Harry twitched with every one she licked. He could hear the slurping and sucking sound she was making with her mouth. He quietly moaned through the gag. He was starting to feel an electric charge running through his body caused by the sensations her mouth and hand was causing. Harry started to shake slightly because he could feel the buildup of energy and pressure in his balls and could feel his cock swelling. He knew that he was going to cum. Ginny lost in the moment of sucking almost did not realize that Harry was about to cum. She started to feel his cock swelling and she was just in time to deep throat his cock; she swallowed his cock partly down her throat. Harry felt his cock go down Ginny’s throat and it made him cum. He felt himself release a large amount of cum down her throat. Harry felt like it was never going to end. Ginny was surprised by the amount of cum she was feeling being squirted down her throat and had to quickly swallow so she wouldn’t choke. When they both felt Harry’s cock go limp, Ginny slid his cock out of her mouth and wiped off her mouth. She smiled at Harry as she walked by upstairs. Harry still surprised that happened with Ginny and how good she was at sucking dick. He wondered if she had sucked her ex’s. Harry pulled up his boxers and pajama pants, and then walked back to the bedroom he was sharing with Ron. As he walked into the bedroom where Ron was, accidently woke Ron up, and he did not bother trying to hide his joy from getting head from Ginny, that Ron noticed the weird grin on Harry’s face. However, Ron thought that he was just still too sleepy to bother asking about it and went back to sleep.
When Harry came out of his flash back, he started to put his plan into action. He knew that he had to impregnate Hermione as soon as he could, and he knew he had to use magic on her. One of the potions he needed was to make her automatically ovulate and drop a mature egg. The second potion he needed was to make Hermione beg him to get her pregnant, and keep the memories that it was her idea to have his baby. He went to the restricted section of the library late at night under his invisibility cloak so he would not be caught by Filch. He carefully screened the books until he found one on love and fertility potions.
One was titled Make her drop an egg into her basket. This is the one that makes any woman automatically ovulate and drop and egg into her womb. The second one was titled She will beg for your seed in her garden. He read on that he could mix any love and fertility potions if the need arises. Once the potions are completed he has to add his hair so the spell will make the intended of the potion only go for him. He has to put the potions into the intended’s drink at first day’s meal. This is to ensure that the egg is fully matured before it is released and the act of sex should be completed within 120 minutes of ingestion. Harry thought that in order for him to impregnate Hermione is to use both potions on her. So he wrote down the ingredients for each potion. He decided to make a mixed potion to use on Hermione the morning. He snuck into the potions classroom to obtain the ingredients. He lit a couple of candles to have some light and then searched for each ingredient. Then he placed them on the table and grabbed two cauldrons and started to mix the ingredients for each potion. When he was done, he grabbed a large vial to pour the potions into; he carefully measured equal amounts into the vial to have a mixed potion. He capped and shook the vial to mix the potions. Harry hurried to clean each cauldron and put away the leftover ingredients exactly where he found them so no one would know that he had been there. He grabbed and covered himself once more with the cloak.
Harry ran back to the Gryffindor house and uncovered himself from the cloak just for a moment so the Fat Lady painting would let him in when he spoke the password. Once the door opened he covered himself again and ran to his room. He placed the vial of potion for Hermione in his robes. The next morning Harry got up 30 minutes before Ron and took a bath got dressed and went to breakfast, he sat at the table and pour the potion into a cup next to him and then filled it with Hermione’s favorite drink. Hermione came in a sat down next to Harry, he handed her the potion spiked drink “Here is your favorite drink” he said as she took the cup out of his hand. Ron came sleepily dragging in to the dining hall and sat across from Harry and Hermione. Ron was trying to figure out why Harry was smiling “what has got you so happy?” he asked. Harry. “Nothing” he replied without busting out laughing at the thought of what was about to happen. Hermione was a little curious and then ignored it. Five minutes after she drank her drink she started to feel a little hot; she looked at Harry and was taken over by the feelings of love for him that she never felt before. Then she could only think of him in a sexual nature and had this intense desire to have his child. Ron was looking at Hermione with a curious expression on his face, he was wondering what was going on with her. “Harry can you come with me, I was wondering if I could borrow your invisibility cloak?” getting up from the table. “Ok” he responded to Hermione with a smile on his face because he knew what was to come. “We will meet you in class” he told Ron as he followed Hermione. Ron was going to ask why she wanted the cloak but he saw his favorite breakfast items and decided he was too hungry to find out the deal with the cloak.
Hermione and Harry walked into the deserted common room, everyone was at breakfast and they were absolutely alone. Harry knew that the cloak thing was only a diversion for Ron. Before Harry could speak a single word Hermione jumped him and started kissing him. Her mouth still had the taste of bacon on it, salty. Harry could hardly get his clothes off fast enough. He knew that he had only 50 minutes left to cum inside her to get her pregnant. Hermione had stripped off her clothes as fast a she could. “Harry I love you and I want you to cum inside me, I want have your child” she begged him. “are you sure, there is no going back, if we continue “ he said as he laid her down on the thick rug in front of the fireplace and started a fire.”Yes, I am sure” she replied. He climbs on top of her where his cock was in her face and his face was at her pussy. He started to lick her clit and she started to suck his cock. He moaned as he licked and sucked her pussy, because of the sensation her mouth was giving his cock. Hermione couldn’t help not to moan around his large cock because of the feeling of his tongue tickling her pussy. Hermione could feel herself wanting to cum but she wanted to have his cock insider her for that. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, “Harry stop and turn around I want you inside my pussy now!” she moaned loudly. Harry got up off her and turns around so he could climb on top of her so he could slide his cock into her pussy. He held his cock at the entrance to her slit and rubbed the head of his cock a couple of times on her clit to tease it. Then he started to ease the head of his cock into her pussy, he could feel a barrier that was slowing him down. Hermione winced at the pain of her pussy being stretched open. Harry pushed hard pass the barrier and fully shoved all of his 11 inch cock into to her tight pussy. Harry stopped moving once he was fully in to let her adjust to the length and girth of his cock in her pussy. He propped himself up so he could look her in the eyes, he leaned in and started to kiss her. He pulled his mouth away to her to ask her “are you ready for me to start?” “Yes” she replied. Harry started to pull his cock back out slowly and then shoved it back in hard, he started to pick up speed. Her pussy was tight and wet, has he kept moving her pussy got wetter. Hermione started to enjoy the friction inside her pussy his cock was making, she could feel herself about to cum for the first time, and she did not know what was happening. It felt like shivers at first and then she could feel this electric charge going through her body. “Harry, keep going!” she yelled. Harry responded by going faster, he knew that he needed to cum soon so she will become pregnant. He could feel himself going deeper and deeper inside her as if something was opening to let him inside. Unknown to them both Hermione’s cervix was responding to the pounding of his cock by slowly opening. Harry felt the head of his cock, push past another barrier. He could feel that he was about to cum, like he did when Ginny gave him a blow-job a few weeks before. Then the sensation of shivers and an electric charge going through his body and his ball started to tighten. He could feel the buildup of pressure that was begging to be released. Hermione could feel herself climaxing and squirting liquid all over Harry’s cock. She could also feel his cock swelling and it made her climax again. Harry reacted immediately by letting go and releasing a large amount of cum inside her; it was squirted deep inside her womb. Both of them felt his cock go limp, and he decided to stay inside her for a little while to make sure his cum did not leak out. While he stayed in her pussy for a few more minutes Hermione’s cervix reclosed tightly as if instinctively to make sure Harry’s cum and her egg did not fall out. They both realized that they were going to be late to class if they did not get re-dressed. They rushed to get dressed; Hermione put a panty liner in her underwear so her panties did not get wet from any of Harry’s cum that leaked back out later. They both rushed to class, and made it into their seats before the teacher came in. “What took ya’ll so long?” he asked Harry in a whisper. “You will find out later” he whispered back. When the spell of the potions worn off Hermione did not know why it came over her the desire to have Harry’s child. She just knew that he did what she wanted and came inside her. She knew that she was going to get pregnant and there was no way she would ever have an abortion. Hermione was so caught up worrying how she was going to tell Ron that she just fucked his best friend and is possibly pregnant with his child, she could hardly pay attention to the lesson. Ron was wondering what was wrong with Hermione and was about to ask her, when the teacher had handed out tests. Ron looked at Harry and was perplexed by the grin of his face. Ron had a feeling something happened between Harry and Hermione while they were gone getting the cloak. He needed to speak to Hermione first to find out why she looked worried and why Harry was grinning like an idiot.
After class Ron caught up with Hermione “Hey what is going on with you” he demanded. “Not now Ron, I don’t feel good, I am going to the nurse” she said in order to gain more time to figure out how to tell him. Hermione did not go to the nurse but headed to her next class that Ron was not in. She finally decided to go back to her living quarters instead and take a nap, because unknown to her, her body was already in the first stage of pregnancy. She wasn’t aware that she had been given a potion to make her want to have Harry’s baby and to become instantly pregnant after her first time. She did not know the symptoms of pregnancy and thought she just needed some sleep. Hermione lay down in her bed and closed her eyes thinking she will only wake up in a couple of hours. Her body was just increasing the hormones to accommodate the newly implanted embryo and it was making her a little sick.
Harry was quite pleased with himself that he pulled off his plan and the rest of the day couldn’t help to think about what Ron was going to do when he found out. He went to bed dreaming of what is to come the next day. He knew that he wanted another blow-job from Ginny and knew she comes to breakfast after Ron and so he knew he had to do it before breakfast. Harry woke up the next day an hour early and grabbed a folded paper “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” he spoke out loud and tapped the paper. The paper reveled hidden writing, it was the Marauder’s Map that showed everyone in the castle. He searched the map for Ginny; it showed her in the room of requirement. Harry wondered what she was doing there. He knew he was only a door away, so he thought of needing the room of requirement because he needed to see Ginny. The door appeared and he walked in and Ginny turned around. “Harry what you are doing here? “She asked. I saw you on the map and wanted to know why you were here. He replied. “I came here to think, a while before I go to breakfast” she told Harry. “How long have you been here?”, “2 hours” she replied. He walked over where he had a hidden mini fridge filled with cans of Butter Beer. He grabbed two mugs and froze them with a wave of his wand so the Butter Beer would stay cold. “Harry that is Butter Beer, where did you get it?” she wanted to know. “I have a hidden mini fridge filled with cans of Butter Beer” he replied. “Don’t tell anyone, or they will drink it up” he added. Ginny couldn’t help but laugh. He leaned in and kissed her, and couldn’t help to think of what he had done to Hermione. He wanted Ginny to suck his cock so badly and the memories of what he did to Hermione made him hard as a rock. Ginny couldn’t help notice his rock hard cock begging to be released from his pajama pants. It reminded her of that night at the Burrow. “I see you want another tongue lashing until you explode down my throat” – smirking and hinting at his cock. Ginny kneeled down and lowered his pajama pants and boxers. His cock was really hard and she could not help to start to lick the head. She repeated how she sucked it before with the only difference is that she deep throated it from the beginning instead of a last resort. He grabbed the back of her head and helped her rock her head up and down the shaft of his cock. He was moaning loudly from the sensations of her wet mouth and rolling tongue that he was glad that no one could hear him.
Unknown to Harry and Ginny, Ron had awakened and saw the Marauder’s Map on Harry’s bed, it showed Harry and Ginny in the room of requirement and that their names were right on top of each other. Ron immediately got pissed because he thought that Harry was fucking his sister. He thought that is the only reason why their names were on top of each other. He needed to fix the map so no one else could read it “Mischief Managed” and tapped the map, the writing disappeared. Then he put it under Harry’s pillow, then thought of the room of requirement, because he wanted to kick Harry’s ass. Unknown to Ron Harry was only getting a blow-job from Ginny and that he had already fucked and impregnated Hermione behind his back. “Oh Ginny keep sucking my cock” “I am going to cum soon” Harry moaned out loud. The door to the room of requirement had appeared and Ron walked through the door to hear “I’m Cumming” in Harry’s voice and runs around the corner to the scene of his sister sucking his best friend’s cock. “What the Fuck are you doing Ginny?” “Harry you are supposed to be my best friend!” he yelled at them. Ginny waited until Harry stopped Cumming down her throat, and then pulled his cock out of her mouth to answer her brother. “I was hungry for cum” while wiping her mouth. Ron was disgusted at that thought of his sister swallowing his best friend’s cum and pissed off that Harry got her to suck his cock. Harry pulled up his pants and laughed because he had gotten his revenge on Ron. He also knew that soon Ron and Ginny will find out that he tricked Hermione into having sex and she is pregnant with his child. As he walked out the room – “Oh, by the way, have you seen Hermione today, she looked a little sick yesterday”. Ron and Ginny both looked at each other and wondered why he would just laugh at the situation and then ask them if they had seen Hermione. Then all of a sudden it registered in Ron’s mind that something did happen between Harry and Hermione, he needed to find out what. Ron left to find Hermione. Ginny stayed behind looking pleased with herself for what she did, and was daydreaming of dating and fucking Harry. Unknown to Ginny, Harry had sex with Hermione and got her pregnant on purpose.

Hermione woke up from her nap and realized that she had slept until the next day. She stood up out of bed and felt nauseas and she knew she needed to go to the nurse to find out for sure if she was pregnant. She walked into the hospital wing and looked for the nurse. “How may I help you Hermione Granger?” the nurse asked her. “I need to find out if I am pregnant” she nervously asked the nurse. “How long have you been sexually active?” the nurse inquired. “I only lost my virginity yesterday morning” she replied. “I hardly think that you would be pregnant this soon after losing your virginity” she chuckled back. “All I know is that all of a sudden I was begging Harry Potter to have his child, then the when the act was over I was happy that I had sex to get pregnant” she told the nurse. “Sounds like someone slipped you a love potion, with a fertility kicker” the nurse chuckled. “We can find out for sure if you were dosed and if you are pregnant” she also added. “Here stick this paper in your mouth it will detect if the potions I am thinking of were used on you” – as she stuck a strip of magical medicine paper in Hermione’s mouth. “If the potions were used the strip will write the names of the potions used and if they can be counteracted”. The strip of paper written the names of the potions in bright red ink, Make her drop an egg into her basket and she will beg for your seed in her garden. “Oh dear, the potions that were used cannot be counteracted” the nurse replied at learning the names of the potions. “What do those particular potions do?” Hermione asked the nurse in a worried tone. “The Make her drop her egg potion makes a girl or woman instantly ovulate and drop and egg into her womb so it can be fertilized and implanted immediately after ejaculation”. “The She will beg for your seed in her garden, does exactly as it says it makes the intended target beg the spell caster to have his child” the nurse replied”. “What, you mean that Harry Potter used these potions on me and now I am pregnant?” she questioned in fury. “Yes, that is what has happened, because of these potions you begged Harry Potter to impregnate you and since one of them makes you instantly conceive, you are most definitely pregnant” the nurse told Hermione in a apologetic tone. “I am giving you some prenatal vitamins and make you an appointment with an OB/GYN so you can get prenatal care”, “I will have to tell Dumbledore and notify your parents”- as she handed Hermione a bottle of prenatal vitamins. “It seems that you are the fourth girl that has become pregnant this year” the nurse replied. “Don’t worry, I think you are the only one that was tricked into it, the other girls were in a relationship for a year with the fathers of their babies” the nurse also added. Hermione could not help but to cry and to seek revenge against Harry for tricking her. Then Hermione realized that she has to tell Ron that Harry used magic on her to make her beg him to impregnate her, and instantly conceive. She didn’t know how she was going to tell him, that she betrayed him with his best friend and is pregnant with Harry’s baby.
Ron found out from Hermione’s roommates that she went to see the nurse because she woke up sick after sleeping all day yesterday until this morning. He finally found her walking in the halls, she looked like she had been crying and is not really paying attention to her surroundings. He grabbed her arm, and she stopped to see who grabbed her. “Ron, I didn’t see you” she responded. Her eyes were glistening with tears, and she had a hard time telling him. “I have something to tell you, the first part you will like but the second part, I know for sure you will not like” she spoke in a hesitant tone. “I am in love you with you Ron, and I wish I didn’t have to tell you this”, “I am pregnant and it is Harry’s baby,” she blurted out. “WHAT!” he yelled back. “If you are in love with me then why fuck my best friend?” he asked furiously. “He tricked me by using a love potion with a fertility kicker” she replied. She told him of the two potions that the nurse detected that were used on her. That first one makes a girl or woman instantly ovulate and drop an egg into her womb instantly conceive after ejaculation, the other one was to make her to beg Harry to impregnate her as if it was her idea. Ron realized that is why Harry’s was laughing and casually mentioned Hermione as he left.
“Just before I found you, I had just walked into the room of requirement to the scene of Harry have his dick Cumming down Ginny’s throat” he said angrily. “What?” Hermione replied. “I ‘m going to kill him, first he tricks you into sex and gets you pregnant and then gets Ginny to suck his cock and swallow his cum” Ron growled. “You can’t I am having his baby and I am going to make him pay child support if he lives through the final war with Voldemort” she replied. “Oh yeah, I forgot that he might be killed” Ron spoke in a calm tone. “I think that is why he did it, but I want to know for sure why” Hermione said as she hugged Ron. “Wait I know that Harry likes my sister, why didn’t he so this to you and not her”?
Both of them went to look for Harry to confront him about what he did. Unknown to them Harry was with Luna Lovegood and was fucking her in the ass. “Yes, Harry, your cock is making my asshole hot” Luna was moaning in ecstasy. “Your, ass is so tight, it squeezing my dick, I’m going to shot a load of hot cum inside it” Harry screamed out loud. Ron and Hermione stood there with their mouths hanging open greatly surprised by that scene when they walked into the room, they quickly ran out and thinking that was one image they did not need in their minds, they used their magic wands to remove it. After they allowed Harry time to finish, they confronted him about tricking Hermione into having sex with him with the sole intent of getting her pregnant. They also ripped him a new one about deceiving Ginny into sucking his cock and fucking Luna. “Impregnating Hermione and shooting a hot load of cum down Ginny’s throat was done to mess with you Ron and fucking Luna in the ass was just a bonus” he spoke with a grin on his face. “Why do that to mess with Ron?” Hermione asked Harry. “I was pissed off at Ron because he thought so little of me, when my name came up for the tri-wizard tournament and didn’t out right tell me of the dragons” he sneered back. “So you impregnate the girl I am in love with and mess with my sister, all because I pissed you off?” Ron asked. “I hate to see what you would do, If I piss you off on a regular basis” Ron joked. “That is why I planned to impregnate Hermione and messing with your sister was just a second helping of what she gave me the night before the World Quiddage Game” he sarcastically responded. “What, Ginny gave you a blow-job the night before the World Quiddage Game, while you were at the Burrow?” Ron angrily asked. “Yep and boy was she good at it” Harry joked. “It was like she had sucked dick before” he added. Ron punched Harry in the face. “Ouch” Harry winced backed. “Harry if you survive Voldemort, you are so paying child support!” Hermione yelled at Harry as she punched him in the stomach.
Ron and Hermione left Harry doubled over and his nose bleeding. They went to talk about their future and raising Harry’s child together if he dies. They both agreed that if he survives that Harry is going to be a father to his child and not a dead beat. “Well since you are already pregnant, Can I fuck you now?” Ron asked because he has been waiting to for a year. Hermione could not help to laugh and agree that he could fuck her any way he wants since he would not have to worry about getting her pregnant. “Ron you can cum inside me every way possible, you don’t have to worry about being responsible for this child unless Harry dies” she responded. Unknown to Hermione and Ron the fertility potion had a longer time frame than Harry realized, the love potion was the only one with a short time limit. That night Hermione ovulated a second egg and Ron was the one to fertilize it, because he thought that since she was already pregnant that he did not need to use a condom.
Four months later “Hermione Granger, it looks like you are going to have fraternal twins” the OB/GYN said while holding the ultrasound probe on her stomach. “What do you mean twins?” she asked. Then she thought back to both Harry and Ron, and realized the potion had done it again. She needed to tell Ron the bad news that he also got her pregnant. “Ron, um you won’t believe what the doctor told me, I am having twins, and it looks like one of them is yours” she told Ron when she saw him at the Burrow. “What do you mean that one of the twins is mine, I thought you were pregnant by Harry” he angrily questioned her. “I got pregnant by both you and Harry, just on different days, I guess the fertility potion was still in effect and made me drop a second egg after I was pregnant by Harry” she replied.
When the babies were born, one was a boy with bright red hair and freckles, and the other was a girl with jet black hair and blue eyes.

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