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Hermione enjoys to walk in teh woods… because there she can walk naked!

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Hentai Picture: Hermione enjoys to walk in teh woods… because there she can walk naked!
A few Harry Potter heroes are way too frivolous with nudity and foreplay that just start, no need to tell what happens next… Hermione Jean Granger gets fucked from behind and receives a messy cumshot sprayed all over her face and tits. Another sexy hottie from Harry Potter got those perfect big boobs to bring to our view and she never says “no” to any fuck-ready dick…

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Spell book 2

Harry Potter Porn Story: Spell book 2

Harry Potter had discovered the book of his dreams, the Spellbook of Desires, which was chalk full of spells and potions all aimed at satisfying the user’s needs. In the case of Harry and his best friend Ron Weasley; Hermione and any other girl that twinges their fancy were now fair game. Harry knew that his fourth year at Hogwarts would be his most interesting year by far. Presently, Harry, Hermione and almost all of the Weasleys were situated at a large campground in anticipation of the Quidditch match of the century. Harry and Hermione had been invited along with the Weasley family to watch the finals of the Quidditch World Cup in the top box of the brand new Championship Quidditch stadium. The best part of the event so far however, was the purchase and subsequent use of a rather peculiar spellbook; a book which satisfied the reader’s every sexual desire. In the case of both Harry and Ron, that definitely would mean Hermione, but by happenstance, Harry had used a potion on Ron’s younger and very attractive sister, who was currently sleeping off the sexual exploits Harry and her had taken part in.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: h. p.

Harry Potter Porn Story: h. p.

Harry was sitting in the common room reading the half-blood princes book as he often did on a Friday afternoon. He had found a spell that caught his attention in the margin of a love potion page. It was a spell for the same affect, he read the scribble
”potion takes long to make and tricky to administer, spell should have stronger affect, easy application but memory loss of time under affect”
Harry had grown very horny around all these beautiful young ladies day in day out had wanted, needed to just fuck one, maybe two. He thought this could be perfect..but as he read on the prince noted the spell as failure with the side affects being both wizard and victim having green lines around their necks that glowed when in proximity.
Dissapointed he closed the book and glanced around the room. He saw Ginny and Dean over in one corner snogging with their backs to the rest of the room and ginny was moving her arm up and down slowly while dean mapped her young womans body(mainly her boobs) with his hands. Hermione was a few desks from harry pretending to read an Acient Runes book, but really she was glaring at Harrys copy of advanced potions and hating the halflood prince. She raised her book enough to hide her face and wand hand, then harry felt he familiar pressure of intrution of someone trying to read his mind. He hated his Oclomency lessons with Snape, but he had learned some tricks. So he projected a all consuming thought back at his intruder knowing already it to be his brunette bookworm friend. With her concentration broken he reeled her into his fantasy……
………Harry and Ginny sitting by the fireplace at the burrow alone talking about how good Ron and Hermione would look as a couple dressed for bed. He was just in a lite buttoned shirt and a loose pair of pants over his trainers, she was in a lite gown that Mrs. Weasly probably only just considered acceptable. They were pondering how long her brother and Granger could hide romance before Mrs weasley would intrrveine when their hands touching reaching for the last one of mrs. Weasleys homemade cookies. They both drew back, but harry pulled up enough courage to slide back over and drape his arm on her shoulders. His eyes ran up stream from her long smooth legs, across her tight young private area, along her strong yet sexy flat stomach, pausing on her blossoming breasts, hard and aroused before sedaling on her angelic face. He stared into her hazel eyes a good minute to be sure his thoughts were welcome before he slid his other hand up and cupped her right breast as they sank to the earthen rug and shared their first kiss…
….Harry’s passionate thoughts overwellmed Hermione to the point where she was having a hard time ignoring her own hot wet body. She could feel harry’s arousal as if her own, her breasts damanded attention as did her pussy. But the strong willed Gryfandor kept her disapline…
….the kiss went on forever with their tongues dancing the tango their hands tore at each others garments, she quickly had his shirt of and was running her hands across his strong thick chest. He had his hands up inside her gown and was toying with her left nipple while lightly groping her right breast. She rolled them both over with her now on top and he removed her gown, and watched her body move as she lifed up her arms causing her breasts to rise up. He admired her well toned abs and sides accenting her beautiful humble breasts as the shadows from the fireplace danced across her skin…
…it was too much for her now! She needed to get out of site and satisfy her bodys cravings, harrys images and feelings were just too much…
….ginnny glanced down at the giant bulge ramming into her tight threw the clothe, ficsating her attention to it. Weith harrys help she got his trousers off and took a second to take in the buety off his nude male form.
His body was the perfect combination of hammered stenght, lean fitness and hansome looks. Looking at his chest and arms she knew he could protect her and her family. Looking at his legs and ass she knew they could walk anywhere together and that they could always bring him back to her. And she knew that she got a gift in life that this beautiful face would be hers to look at every morning for all her life.
She leaned forward to kiss him as they both removed her soft cotton trainers and placed a hand on each others gift for the other….
….Overcome by thew passionate imagry she gave into her bodies demands. Plunging her hand deep into her skirt ad lowers she borrowed her middle digit with her wet moist folds and tended to her garden while her other had dug within her robes to her bossum and vigourously handeld it…
….as harry kissed her kneck he glanced down her body to the prize waiting for him, a well groomed moist hot cavern between her sexy legs, a welcome mat was the only hair there, he was growing impatient!
She took a second to covet time looking down to see it again, the boilocal wand poking her thigh, how she thirst to have it deep within her channeling his affection into her, satisfying her every want and need…
…now the whole common room was mesmarized by the Prefect locked in ectacy, atisfing her self in a leather chair in the middle of the room moaning and gasping as she twitched in delight.
Ginny was the first to try and help her friend regain her modesty, but to no avail..this was going to happen and all the gryfandors were going to see….
….ginny sat up and tossed her hair giggling,she was really going to enjoy the next part she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the chosen ones chosen one as she placed her other hand affectionately on her lovers chest “time for the big show, Mr Potter” and plunged herself onto him…………..
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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the Gryfindors

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the Gryfindors

 Parvati Patil & Hermione Granger & Lavender Brown

Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were in their shared dorm waiting for their dorm mate Hermione Granger. The bushy haired girl told them she had a surprise for them and told them to wait in their dorm. It was close to eleven in the evening. They didn’t care about how late it was since a Friday. They had no classes tomorrow. What bothered them was that Hermione was sure taking her sweet time to bring whatever surprise she had. Soon the door opened and Hermione poked her head in.

“Good, you’re still here” she said.

“Where else would we be?” Lavender asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

Hermione ignored this question and came in and then closed the door behind her.

“Where is this surprise Hermione?” Parvati asked impatiently.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Join the family CH4

Harry Potter Porn Story: Join the family CH4

Join the Family

Chapter 4

Harry and the girls had only been at the mansion for half an hour when something unexpected happened.

The doorbell rang.

Somewhat surprised Harry walked over to the front door and opened it to reveal Ginny Weasley standing there. The young woman seemed absolutely on fire with her blazing red hair, sparkling lipstick and low cut blouse that Harry blinked a few times before managing to say anything.


“Hello Harry.” She said as if nothing strange had happened between them at all. “I heard about your new home and my mother made you some food as a house warming gift.” She said drawing attention to the container of food she was carrying in her arms that smelled faintly of meat. “Can I come in?”

“Sure…” Harry said but he hadn’t needed to as she had already let herself in. He watched her scurry in as he closed the door. The sound brought the attention of the other girls.

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Hermione Jean Granger opened up legs and want some cigar in her fuckbox

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Hentai Picture: Hermione Jean Granger opened up legs and want some cigar in her fuckbox
See the raunchy ways of private life released for you by Harry Potter! Don’t miss this hot babe Hermione Jean Granger rocking on a hard toon stem with her face being attacked by a playful bold cock. Fair Harry Potter whore with killer body gets gangbanged and gets her meat melons splattered with sperm.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Party At The Burrow

Harry Potter Porn Story: Party At The Burrow

Harry made his way toward the burrow and noticed Fred, George, Ginny, Ron and Hermione was sitting around waiting on Harry to arrive. As Harry got closer, Ginny ran up to him and wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck giving him a deep, long kiss. Everyone else walked up and just welcomed him.

“I hope you do not mind if we don’t give you a kiss.” said one of the twins.

Mrs. Weasley came walking over to Harry wearing an apron to welcome him. She told them that diner was ready so they all marched up to the house. After washing up they all sat down at the table to eat. Bill, Fleur and Mr. Weasley were at their seats already when Harry arrived. It had been a while since Harry had a good meal so he grabbed a little bit of everything.

Harry asked them about Voldemort, which got a couple of shivers from some people. Ron, Ginny and Hermione were used to Harry using his name. They told Harry that Voldemort was killing all over, young and old he did not care. After the fall of Dumbledore, things really got worse. If you were not going to following Voldemort, you died instantly. The order was trying everything they could to stop him but they had been unsuccessful at their attempts. Continue reading

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Harry loves to suck giant boobs!

Harry Potter Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Harry loves to suck giant boobs!
Incidentally, aint’it a Harry Potter fucking one can spot there? Let’s follow the lead of a starlet from Harry Potter that is getting banged right on the floor when she was shopping just a minute ago. Tired of always being a good girl, chick takes up a meaty schlong in her head after getting her asshole pumped and gets creampied!

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