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Harry Potter Porn Story: A lesson in Patience

Harry Potter Porn Story: A lesson in Patience

Ginny shakily stepped out of the bathroom, plotting revenge, and precisely one hour later, they made polite excuses, said their goodbyes, and Apparated home. The moment they appeared in the living room, Harry gave her a worried look, clearly not knowing whether she intended to hex him or kiss him.

She smiled her most reassuring smile and opted for the latter. She intertwined her fingers into his hair and pressed the back of his head, pulling him down for a kiss. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, tasting wine and the lingering reminder of his earlier activities. His hands flew to her hair, trying in vain to release her locks from the twist, but eventually he gave up, and relaxed into the kiss. Sucker, she thought fondly.

She pulled back, took a moment to graze her teeth over his bottom lip and then, separating herself from the succulent flesh with difficulty, took his hand, and guided him towards their bedroom.

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Luna Lovegood has growed up into one classy slut!

Harry Potter Hermanez Naked

Hentai Picture: Luna Lovegood has growed up into one classy slut!
Disclose the lewdest tit and bum air-castle of the superb Harry Potter characters and malicious demons wigging unsane and fleshly rave after hosting for worldwide board! Another teen nympho from Harry Potter got those perfect big boobs to exhibit for us and she can never reject any fuck-ready dick! Petite demonstrating her well used anal snatch after a great anal fuck!

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Spell book 19

Harry Potter Porn Story: Spell book 19

The party following the completion of the First Task was a very successful and enjoyable one, especially for Harry, who was fortunate enough to fuck two of the hottest Gryffindor House girls after the party had ended. Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patil had been magically tricked into having sex with the young Triwizard Champion, and although they had been done magically, they had enjoyed themselves nonetheless. Ron had followed suit minutes later, by sneaking down to where Lavender and Pavarti were sleeping and blowing a hot load of cum all over their pretty faces. Harry had documented the experience with his magical camera, deciding that some memories were worth recording.

The weeks following the First Task were much more enjoyable then the weeks which had preceded it, and as Harry prepared for the coming Christmas Holidays and the Yule Ball, he was finding it difficult to secure a date. He had tried asking Cho, but she had already accepted Cedric Diggory’s invitation. Ron, on the other hand, had foolishly tried asking the gorgeous Fleur Delacour, but was turned down with a laugh. Hermione and Ginny already had dates as well; Hermione was apparently going with a mystery date, while Ginny had accepted an invitation from Neville. The Yule Ball approached quickly, and Harry and Ron were growing exceedingly concerned about their chances of securing a proper date. Harry had even tried asking Pavarti, thinking that she kind of owed him one for the amazing night he had given her and her friend. After Pavarti seemed resistant to the idea, Harry pulled out a few of the pictures he had taken of Pavarti and Lavender, with their pussies drenched with his cum. Harry threatened to take the pictures to Dumbledore or send them to her parents if she didn’t accept his invitation. The blackmailing worked and Pavarti consented to go with Harry and set up her twin sister, Padma to go with Ron. Ron was eternally grateful to Harry, and as the day quickly approached, everybody began talking about the magical event.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: forest

Harry Potter Porn Story: forest

Despite the cold, rainy weather outside, it was stifling in the tent; not because of the temperature, which was at a pleasant magic-regulated level, but because of Ron’s absence. It had been weeks since he’d left, Apparating out of Harry and Hermione’s lives. Neither of them knew if they would ever see him again.
Hermione had cried practically non-stop for a week, and even though she was no longer crying in front of Harry, he knew that she still was sometimes, when he wasn’t there to see. Their stop at Godric’s Hollow, and the close encounter with Voldemort, had only been a momentary distraction from her misery. As if Harry didn’t have enough to feel guilty about; he knew how his two friends felt about each other, even if they were both too scared to admit it openly. Harry knew that Ron’s hot temper, brought to boil by the Horcrux, had been what ultimately made him leave…

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Harry Potter Porn Story: spell book 22

Harry Potter Porn Story: spell book 22

It was the middle of January and Harry, Hermione, and Ron would be enjoying the cold windy Saturday in the beautiful town of Hogsmeade. They had all dressed accordingly; wearing their heavy winter cloaks to keep warm while they were visiting the magical village. Hermione’s Saturday had not started well however; her latest visit to the kitchens had caused quite a ruckus among the house elves, who had taken offence after Hermione gave her “free the house elves” speech. The house elves took no direct action against Hermione and continued to perform their duties admirably for the rest of the school. The elves were sneaky about getting back at the nosy house elf activist, by tampering with her food, drink and even her laundry. They pissed in her glasses of pumpkin juice, undercooked her food and basically stopped washing her clothes. In fact, almost every piece of her clothing had either been lost or shrunken to a ridiculous size. The house elves had taken it upon themselves to steal every single pair of Hermione’s sexy little panties, shrunk her skirts and dress shirts, and misplaced her school robes and shoes, except for her winter cloak and a pair of shiny black high heels. So when Hermione got ready to go to Hogsmeade on the cold Saturday in mid January, all she had under her one heavy winter cloak was a sexy pair of stripper heels, knee-high socks, a tiny three inch Hogwarts skirt, and a tight dress shirt and tie. Hermione had no underwear and was mortally embarrassed and afraid of being caught not wearing any panties at all. She was relying heavily on her thick and long cloak to avert any embarrassing situations, and as the three friends left the school for the village of Hogsmeade, Hermione was very aware that it was extremely windy.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and hermione

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and hermione

The exams had just finished as the sun was making hogwarts and the grounds of hogwarts sweltering hot. To Harry an to tons of boys enjoyment all the girls including thir best hermione were wearing short skirts.�

Harry needed a shower. He headed up to the common room and quickly stripped off. He climbed in the shower but he didn’t see the figure who followed him. ‘pertificus to talus’ he heard the words and suddenly he was on the floor. He saw a shadow approach him. �He looked up and was shocked to see hermione. She was wearig a short denim skirt. She stood over his nude chest. She smiled as she sat on his chest. If he could Harry would be erect right now. She smiled and leaned to kiss him. He felt her lips brush on his and then she forced his mouth open and pushed her tounge inside. She stopped, Harry’s mind was whirling. She then clapsed her skirt she was wearing thin red panties. Harry groaned inside. She was wet. She sat on his chest again. He was shocked to feel how wet she was. Then she grinned and slowly removed her top. Much to Harry’s surprise she was wearing no bra. ‘you like what you see hey,chosen one?’she whispered the reverse spell and Harry was able to move. He felt his dick go erect within seconds. ‘hermione you are a fucking goddess.’ he whispered and she smiled and began to kiss him again he felt her breasts press up against his Chest as their lips met. Hermione felt something tickle her back. She glanced at Harry’s cock it’s head touching her ass. ‘well… Let me taste your magic wand…’ she grinned, stood up and moved to Harry’s legs. She drove a finger into her cilt. Her tounge wrapped itself around Harry’s cock. He moaned. She grinned up at his angelic face . After five minutes of licking, and fingering herself hermione moaned and suddenly she yelled as she squirted. She stood up and her juices caked Harry’s face, hair and chest.�

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Ginny Weasley is about to know how fine Snape is at possessing his “magic massager”…

Emma Watson Porn Pictures

Hentai Picture: Ginny Weasley is about to know how fine Snape is at possessing his “magic massager”…
That bitch commences with receiving a prick and fucks on getting DPed on a bed. Harry Potter heroes are so spoiled that they are ready to fuck anywhere, every day and in every possible way… Slutty chick of Harry Potter is ready for the hardest fucking task of all her previous experience.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the grangers 2

Harry Potter Porn Story: Harry and the grangers 2

Granger Girls

Emma was enjoying her illicit affair with Harry. They had to fuck each other at night since during the day Hermione took up most of Harry’s time. But that didn’t seem to bother them since that made the nights more passionate. But one night changed everything. Emma was straddling Harry fucking him hard.

“You like that Harry baby” Emma panted.

“Yes Emma, you look so hot like that” Harry groaned.

“Only for you Harry” Emma said.

She then bent over and kissed her lover hard on the mouth before continuing her up and down movements.

“I’m going to come Emma” Harry warned.

Emma sped up her movement wanting Harry seed in her fast. She didn’t care if she got pregnant. Soon the flood of Harry’s seed filled her and she sighed in content. She pulled out and rolled over to lay next to Harry.

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Harry Potter Porn Story: Erotic Ride

Harry Potter Porn Story: Erotic Ride

15 year old Ginny Weasley boarded the Hogwarts express, sitting with her brother Ron and his friends Hermion&Harry. To her misfortune she was never really involved in their conversations, since she never was part of their adventures. She sighed as she got up, she opended the door then left that compartment. There was one compartment left, and it was very much empty. To her desire she locked the door and threw her stuff on the comfy cushion. She sat down, it was gonna be a long ride so she figured she close her eyes and take a short nap before arriving to Hogwarts.

She closed her chocolate brown eyes as soon as she laid her head against the side of the window. Soon enough she was fast asleep, what she did not know. Some one had unlocked the door then walked in and locked it back up.

“Tom..” she muttered from her sleep, her dream was very erotic. One she thought she would never have, usually they were her and Harry togather. Tom had her down on her back on a bed, he had his hands slipping off her silky red nightdress. His fingers fodling her soft pink nipples, till he brought his head down to wrap his lips around one taking it in. Her moans casaded from her throat, his lips brushing against hers several times. His hands soon then moved down to her waist, gripping her panties and sliding them all the way down to her ankles so she can kick them off. “Mmm..Tom” she again said as she talked into her sleep, his fingers brushing against the swollen flower which had not bloomed yet. His one finger brushed against the hot wet whole of her sex then firmly pushed one in making her grip the bed sheets. Her not noticing since she is asleep, she hand her hand rubbing her intimate area “Tom..ooo” she moaned in her sleep. He then pulled out of her then moved ontop of her, his lips kissing her neck. The dream was soon interuppted from a heavly chuckle fit.

Her eyes soon snapped open, she was panting as she felt herself dripping of sweat. Also the hearing of chuckling across from her. To her horror it was the one and only person she wished wasn’t here, she didn’t even realize her hand one in her panties. Her skirt was lifted up so practically a great view of what she was doing.

“So Weasley? Who is Tom?Also you may want to get your hand out of where it is” he chuckled coldly, it was the one and only Draco Malfoy. He had left the compartment he was in with Pansy, seeing this was the only one left but was locked he used his magic to unlock it. To his luck he sat across the youngest Weasley. Ginny Weasley, it had appeared she was asleep but then he thought different when she started to call out the name ‘Tom’. Actually was getting pretty annoying to him at first that is untill he noticed she began to pleasure herself without herself even knowing she was doing it also not knowing he was in the same compartment as she.

“M-Malfoy” she stammered as she whipped her hand out of her panties while her face turned deep red just like her hair. This would have to be the most embarrassing thing for her at the tops, not even that valentine she gave to Harry in her first year was as embarrassing as this.

” The one and only! Weasley” he grew his trademark smirk upon his thin lips “So who is this Tom?” he grinned noticing her blush even more. “I suppose that dream was about this guy named ‘Tom’ since you were moaning out his name while you sleep” he laughed half heartly.

“Did not!” she objected while her fingers nervously fumbled with eachother “Really now? Do you even know what you were saying and doing while you slept” Draco’s left eyebrow corked waiting for her answer.

She felt her anger because her left eye began to twitch “You dare tell me that I’m lying about my on self?” she snapped. He smirked “Well really you have no way of proven what you did, but I witnessed it. Also your skirt is still up” he grinned while pointing at her. She looked down to look at her skirt up and her panties showing. She blushed then pushed it down covering her hands ontop of the skirt “Pervert!” she muttered.

“Weasley, why would I want to see you?”he insulted her, she just glared at him which made him laugh darkly. “I think a blackmail is in order”Draco coldy said as she squeaked to that, a blackmail was something she didn’t need for this year.

“If you be my slave for this year, I promise I will not spread your sexuall masterbation act in this very compartment. Agreed?” he asked.

She blinked her chocolate eyes ‘Agree! Like hell..but if I do not agree that will spread like before you can say qudditch’ she thought. Her eyes looked up at his menacing cold gray stoned toned eyes holding no expression what so ever. “Yes..” she whispered so low he barely herd “Yes what? Weasley” he mocked then she spoke louder “Yes Malfoy! I agree” she snapped then turned towards the window.

“Very good, Gin” he smirked then ran his fingers through his slicked back silver blonde hair. “Oh yeah one other thing. You have to do whatever I ask you to do”he pushed her on, her fist gripped as her teeth clentched togather trying to hold back her rage of wanting to get up and grab him by the neck then wring him to death. “Very well” she lied through her grinted teeth, right now she felt as if she lost all pride to herself. Since Malfoy would be taking advantage of her, bad enough she was always consider a worthless dirty muggle loving girl. If they would have sex, her virginity would be taken away from someone who didn’t even really care about her in the first place. This was just plain bliss ride for him, she then remained silent through the whole rest of the way to Hogwarts.

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If thre were a lesbo challenge in hogwarts we all know who would win…

Gay Harry Potter Cartoons

Hentai Picture: If thre were a lesbo challenge in hogwarts we all know who would win…
A plenty of Harry Potter maidens’ jugs bumping at deep cock thrusts and the most modest icons which are changed into exotic wallies. Another young hottie from Harry Potter has some great rack to demonstrate us and she never refuses any man or boy… Have you ever imagined peeking at bitch’s upskirt image where she masturbates her sweet sleek pussy?

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